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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CNY Eve Reunion Course Dinner @ Goh Teo Kee

This year, we held our reunion dinner at another restaurant which is nearer to our house than last year. We went to Goh Teo Kee which located at Taman Sri Nibong there. We have book one month ago when we were back in Penang for holiday. There is only one choice for the 8 course dinner and another one will be the Pun Choy Set. We ordered the 8 course dinner which cost RM698+ for 10 pax excluding drinks. Total we pay RM768 for whole dinner, kind of expensive for Penang price. Even though, the price was not cheap, the place was packed and noisy, all the waiter and waitress were not organised at all. I did not really enjoy my meal that day. They hired those part time foreign worker to work that day as many Chinese worker were on leave. They do not even know how to serve or what we said to them. The restaurant really just think of earning rather than having a good reputation on their name. 

Let see what is the 8 course dinner have:

Prosperous "Yee Shang" with Salmon
The Yee Shang taste exactly like those packed Yee Shang we found in supermarket. Not nice at all, no one actually want to finish it but we were force too because dad said Yee Shang have to finish up to have more money on that year. 

Luxury Four Season
(King Prawn, Soft Shell Crab, Japanese Octopus, Assorted Nut)
I like this dish a lot especially the Japanese Octopus (my favourite). Soft shell crab was one of their speciality dish in the restaurant that we always order during normal days. So no complaint on this dish.

Stewed Pork Ribs with Chetnut and Soya Skin
This dish was not bad actually. I did not see any pork rib inside but small pieces of pork meat. The meat was soft and easy to chew especially for my grandmother. It taste quite nice too but not warm when served.

Dried Scallop Seafood Shark Fin Soup
This dish should be served third but the waitress messed up with all table's dishes. Luckily, dad did bring the leaflet they gave that day and we checked out they miss out our shark fin soup. Normal shark fin soup, nothing to shout about. I did bite a lot of shark fin, real or not, I'm not sure.

Steamed Sea Grouper Fish with Chef's Sauce
Many people do not like this fish because it is not catch directly from sea but breed in the sea. The skin is rough and tasteless, not like those fish from the deep sea which has skin that is smoother and sweeter. The price also cheaper. Chef's sauce equal to soya sauce. Special? Neh...

Braised Australian Abalone with Dried Oyster and Fatt-Choy
Again they missed our dish. I was the one whole night keep tracking the dishes we had, how can I enjoy my meal. Normal stir fried broccoli with slice abalone, dried oyster and fatt choy. A prosperity dish that must have during CNY. Taste: Normal.

Deluxe Waxed Meat Lotus Leaf Rice
No one touches this dish, either they are full or this dish taste bad. I was the one who ate the most as I was still hungry after 6 dishes. Why? I didn't eat much as I kept calling the waiter and become the waitress for my family that night. This dish taste not bad at all, just no fragrance and a bit flat taste. My mom cook a lot better than this that's why no one touches the dish. At the end, we ta bao back and mom use her recipe to re-cook the rice from tasteless to good in the next morning.

Tang Yuan in Almond Soup
Actually it should be Tang Yuan in Red Bean Paste Soup but they burnt the soup when they served, it has a very strong smell of burnt which my dad insists them to change another type of dessert for us. Really gave us a bad impression for their food quality

We finished all the dishes was around 10pm and seeing lots of "shows" there. So, next year reunion dinner will most probably held in Hotel than those restaurants that cut throat and wont serve delicious food on CNY eve.

Goh Teo Kee Restaurant
2 &2a Jalan Bukit Kecil Satu,
Taman Sri Nibong, 11900
Sungai Nibong, Penang
Tel. no.: 04-6465072

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