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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nose Warehouse Sale 2012 review

Nose Warehouse Sale for 2012 has arrived starting from 11th-14th July 2012. How can I miss it especially shoesholic like me. Since the warehouse sale started on weekdays and end on Saturday, I only have the chance to go for the last day. It is not a good idea to go for last day because probably all are out of stock but Nose gave special discount for customers on the last two days- Further reductions of 50% of all items. At least that make me balance a bit...hehe..

The place was located near Monash University, I have some difficulty to find the place especially when there was no signboard or banners leading to the place after you pass the Monash University. Besides, you can't even see any crowd walking on the road holding any plastic bag (That's what usually you see in warehouse sale!). First thing came into my mind, either it is a prank from the web or the warehouse sale is very bad. Finally, I found the place and a good parking spot right in front of the main door. There wasn't any crowd compare to Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale. 
Big white plastic bags were prepared in front of the entrance for us to pick up our stock. Everything was quite organised. Shoes were arranged according to sizes where size 34-37 are placed at the left side and size 39-41 are placed on the right side. All the staff are quite friendly. But there was a problem which I think is also the main reason causes the warehouse sale to be empty-most of the shoes are not in good conditions and little variety!
Sunglasses and other accessories-RM10

Bags are range from RM15-RM50

All shoes are sold at RM5 and RM10 for the last day.

All the earring and accessories are still in good conditions but the variety not many.

Beige Sunglasses-RM10

Blue Bag-RM30
Most of the bags are still in very good condition. The normal price for this bag is RM114.

Beige Pump Low Heel-RM10
So far this is the most good conditions shoe I found for my size. Normal price is RM99.90.

Black Casual Clog High Heel-RM10
Luckily I check for this pair as most of the bucket part are torn. I requested to check for another new pair until I get the perfect one and the staff was quite helpful too. Normal price RM99.90.

Most of the RM5 shoes are flats which have been torn, lost one pair or not in very good condition. I guess many people came for the 1st day find it quite disappointed with the sale including me. It is not very worth to go but since I am there, I told myself at least I need to get some stocks and without going back empty handed. Seems like their warehouse sale is getting worse year by year.

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