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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Zun Express | The Garden ( Renovated)

Although this shop have been here quite sometime, but I never visited the place before. I purposely pay a visit here after some good comments on the food. It is actually a restaurant open by Eu Yang Sang and located at the lower ground floor of The Garden, the road leading to Midvalley.

It is famous for their nourishing soups, eventually I did not try any of it because I was craving for fried rice that day. I will come back to try one day. My mom said the soup was nice and healthy.

Honey Dew Sago-RM4.80
The honey dew sago come with very mild and watery base of milk with honey dew and sago in it. It taste very refreshing and sweetness was just nice. But if you like strong taste, I wouldn't recommend you to try as the taste was really really mild.

Fried Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf-RM12.80
I can said this is the most healthy lotus leaf rice I can find so far. Most of the time, lotus leaf will be cook together with glutinous rice which is not good for our health. But this is cook with rice instead of glutinous rice, a more healthy style of eating. The taste was there, very nice. The rice wasn't that sticky but still it do form the shape without falling apart and the best part it wasn't too oily. I definitely give it a thumb up.

Fried Rice with Superior Sauce-RM13.80
I thought I was ordering a fried rice but instead it come to be like a porridge. Most of us address it as Man Fan. I wasn't expecting that and thought the chef will use some superior sauce to fried the rice. Anyway, it taste quite nice. I would prefer it is cook with noodles like those ying yong rather than rice, then it would be prefect. But still it is a good dish to try out.

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