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Friday, November 02, 2012

Sunflower Homemade Cakes | Tanjung Bunga

I love layer cake and never stop searching for good layer cakes everywhere I go. I went Bali, Bandung, Melaka and etc just to source for it but just could not find the right one. Before making the trip back Penang, I coincidentally browsed through a blog on layer cakes in Penang. Oh yeah! My instinct told me " Yes, this is it!" We grab our GPS and just went... It actually took us more than 30 minutes to find the place because our GPS failed to locate the place. But thank god I was still able to find the place just about when we finally decided to give up and go home; it just decided to suddenly appear in front of us, believe it or not! It is actually located in the middle between some big buildings, that is why we couldn't spot it out although we have been passing through the area for few times.

It is a small cake shop located at Jalan Tanjung Bunga. I guess Penang people will know about this place. Besides, they have another outlet at Lorong Hutton, Georgetown. Layer cake was my main purpose to be there. By looking at the photos below, you can see there are 4 type of flavours- Original, Almond, Chocolate Chip and Prune. Prices are based on the weight of the layer cakes, like 250gm (RM 13.50), 500gm (RM26.00), 1kg (RM 50).

Other than layer cakes, they do sell cakes and bread like normal bakery. Maybe I will try the others on the next trip.

So, I bought two 500gm layer cakes- Almond and Original. How does it taste? Splendid! The layer cake might look hard at first but it is actually soft when you chew it. The sweetness is moderate, just nice for people like me who do not consume high amounts of sugar. Most importantly, the layer cake is moist and not very oily! I just simply love this! I'm going to get more if I am back next trip. Must Try!
I do not have to cross the South China Sea for layer cakes now! :)

Sunflower Homemade Cakes
546C, Jalan Tanjung Bunga,
11200 Tanjung Bunga Penang
Tel. no.: +604 899 0996

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