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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowflake's Sesame Prosperity

Snowflake recently introduce two new flavours of dessert which is the Joyous Sorbet and Soya Blend. As a fan of them, I wouldn't want to miss any chance. Since I couldn't make a choice which to try it out, I ordered both, enjoy both taste with happiness.

Sesame Prosperity Soya Blend-RM 7.90
The base is a sesame soya ice which taste more like red bean paste with sesame, red beans, barley, green tea taro balls and beetroot taro balls. Just for your info, beetroot is a vegetable that contains high source of potent antioxidant and nutrient which is good for our cardiovascular health. However, not everyone can accept the smell and taste but Snowflake handle it very good.

Joyous Sorbet-RM 7.50
The base is a soya sorbet which taste slightly mild on the soya bean taste with red bean, barley, beetroot taros, green tea taros and a scope of sesame soya ice. I like this more than soya blend as it taste more mild for a dessert on a hot day.

Overall it taste not bad, a good try on the new items especially using beetroot, very creative idea on dessert. But I still prefer Ocha'ryo, green tea is still on top list! Try it out if you have not!

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