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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Johor Trip -Day 2 | Legoland

On the second day, we started our journey early to Legoland. It took us around 40-45 mins to reach Legoland from our hotel. We parked just outside the Legoland entrance which is still free parking for the time being, but you can expect them to start collecting parking fees once they finished their construction on everything. The whole place was already so crowded when we reach.
Look the the tickets counters, luckily we got the tickets from hotel, save time on queuing.

Long story short, why don't you look at some of the photos we took from Legoland? It certainly say alot more than I can, but still I couldn't manage to post all of them in the blog; it's simply just too much. I highlighted some nicer ones.

Technic Twister - Your modern day "twisting cups"

Aquawave Zone Racers - Basically you just sit in the boats that go round and round in the water while people who are watching you can press some "water canons" that blast some water in the air and try to get everyone (including themselves) wet!

Project X
First ride of the day, waited about 1 hour to get to our turn. For those who are new to theme parks, I seriously, seriously suggest that you must apply sunblock ALL THE TIME. we were waiting around 11 a.m. and it was enough to cause us sunburn. Lucky thing we brought some umbrellas.... which you might want to bring as well...

Dragon Apprentice
Second ride of the day, right after the Project X, while waiting in line for this it started raining heavily! The operators had to stop the ride and we waited the rain to clear up, so, another hour went by here.

In front Build and Test Centre

Lego keychains

Of course, you would expect tons of Lego souvenirs that you can buy here. But be warned, they are somewhat in the Singapore's Universal Studios price range -- After converting the items into SGD they cost much or less the same price as the souvenirs you find in USS... nevertheless we bought a few as mementos.

Since we wanted to spend more time enjoying the theme park, we decided to have lunch inside Legoland rather than having outside. We went Pizza Mania for lunch which is one of the two restaurants in Legoland. Otherwise, you can choose to go outside of Legoland into the mall area beside, just remember to get some sort of a stamp for you to get back in.

We ordered the set meals which includes a main dish, a drink and a soup. Bear in mind that, food in Legoland is not cheap.

Pizza Set-RM28

Basically its your average Hawaiian chicken pizza on a thin crust. Still okay I would say, but I taste no passion in the pizza; none of that usual Italian flair you would expect... and for that price, ah well, we're in Legoland so we can't really complain.

Spaghetti Set-RM24
Its seafood spaghetti mixed with marinara sauce. Noodles were quite hard and tasteless, but the only good thing about it is that the portion is big.

As you can see, it was raining the whole day we were there... what luck! I would prefer it to be sunny and we have sunburn, rather than to bring umbrellas and try not to get wet all the time. Plus after a while, you get sweaty and everything just gets, ummm, uncomfortable.

So since you're wet, why not go for this ride??? Seems fun, but we didn't try it 'cause we just didn't feel like it.

Here is the second restaurant, you probably won't have trouble finding it as you can get the maps in the entrance. This place serves conventional western food like Chicken Chop, Fish and Chips, I would come and try out this place the next time we're here.

Lots of mini figures for you to take pics and admire. It almost feels like you're a treasure hunter here to discover those different figures, rather than to take the rides.

In my opinion, the thing that is worth visiting Legoland for is their miniature worlds. I mean, that is what Lego really represents for right? Building things! And here we can see these cities from around the world recreated with great detail. You ought to spend quite some time here admiring the mini details of every city. Be prepared to take lots and lots of pics! But if it wasn't because of the rain, we might have taken more pics...

Thailand, Bali, China, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat...etc etc.

And this is the Pirates of the Caribbean


So cute!

Nearing the end of the day, we came to watch a show here at the City Stage. It's free for admission, you just have to be there on the scheduled time. If you want, you can arrive there around 15 mins earlier to get a good spot in the front so you can really enjoy the show.

Behold, the Magic House!

Basically, the show is meant for young children in which they teach children how to be aware of everyday dangers and avoid them (this is at the time of writing, they might change the show in the future...).

*Gasp*! The show is about to start!

In the prelude to the show, a lady comes out and performs some great moves on a rope, and without a safety rope or anything. She's really skilled, be sure not to blink your eyes!

The host of the show, or as he calls himself, the Danger Detective! What a delightful personality he has, sure did set the enthusiastic tone for the audience.

And here are the cadets who will be working hard to earn their own titles as Danger Detectives! I would not reveal too much here, just enjoy the show!

Boy, look at the stunts they can pull of without any assistance. Just the plain ol' acrobatics!

After the show, we went around and tried some rides we have yet to try, this is the ''Racers 4D'' which is a large theater with an animated movie, and some effects, but no moving chairs though. You get what I mean... I just couldn't stop comparing this to the Shrek ride in USS... at the very least, Shrek did caught me by surprise in the first few moments.

The last ride we went to was the revolving tower. A nice place to look all over Legoland while enjoying some air-conditioning.

Lastly, the largest Christmas Tree made by Legos! They certainly did seal off the area so no one could mess with the tree and possibly make it collapse!

Overall, Legoland is a nice place to go to, but I would recommend that you wait some time later this year or in 2014 to visit this place. There's still a lot of construction going on in the surrounding area, and I certainly felt like the theme park could be much more better. Nevertheless, the main purpose of me visiting Legoland was to admire the miniature cities, and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail that went into building them. But if your purpose was to ride exciting rides and have a blast of a time, I'd guess you'd be better off going to USS instead.

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