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Monday, June 03, 2013

The Strait Cafe @ Centrepoint, BU

While searching through my phone's photos, I found these photos which I took 2 months ago. Brother took me to Centrepoint that day to buy some power surge protectors for the new house. We bumped into this cafe right after the entrance we came in. It was lunch time and the place was packed and busy. We guess it should be good and go for a try. This place serves Penang food like char kuey teow, prawn mee, mee siam and others.

At a first glance on the menu, we were more interested in their set lunch. Besides the daily set lunch, they do have another menu mainly on new set lunch. I forgot to take a picture of their menu while deciding which one to pick as all of them are quite tempting at that time.

We finally chose the set lunch that come with Lor Bak as it is one of our favourite Nyoya dish ever. We hope that it would taste like our mom's Lor Bak and it does seem good!

Daily Lunch Set-RM12.00 nett (comes with a drink)
The set come with the assam prawns cooked with pineapples, lor bak(minced meat in roll) and some Ju Hu Char (mix nyoya vegetable). Brother actually loves the pineapples that were cooked with the prawn. The pineapples  used in the dish were fresh pineapples, not those kind of canned pineapples that most people use nowadays.  The taste was quite good, thumbs up!

Otak Fried Rice (I cant remember the actual name)-RM12
This is a new dish recommended by the waitress. It is actually fried rice with an otak-otak taste as I cant see any otak-otak in the fried rice. However, I feel it tastes more like the the Ulam Fried Rice except it doesn't come with so much vegetables. Like the photo above, the fried rice came along with other side dishes like kangkung, keropok, fried egg and lor bak. The potion was quite big, gave me a supper full meal. Try it!

The drinks were not that good, a bit too sweet.

Definitely will come back again. Kind of a good place for chit-chating with friends as the place was an open-air cafe inside Centrepoint. Pricing wise is still reasonable.

The Straits Cafe
Lot G5 Ground Floor, Centrepoint, 
Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel no.: 603-7722-1153

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