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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Restaurant Nyonya Makko | Melaka

I visited this place previously with customer few months ago and decided to re-visit this place again since we are craving for Nyoya Food. There are a few Nyoya restaurants along the Melaka Raya, you will see lots of tourist bus stopping by the road side. Another tourist spot I must say, basically the one I review previously-Cottage Spices and this place weren't that many of tourists. From the big signboard display outside the shop with photo of the 90 years old founder cum owner, you just can't miss the shop when you pass by.

Pong Teh Chicken- RM22.00
The taste of this dish is just average. Nothing to shout about and quite disappointed actually. Pong Teh chicken is one of the famous dish among the Peranakan dishes, if you are a Nyoya, you should know how to cook this dish.

Paku Sambal Belacan- RM 12.00
Nothing much to say about the vegetable. Taste wise is fine. Normally you can only find this type of vegetables in Nyoya or Thai restaurant. It is always best to be cook in sambal belacan and nothing else. 

Omelette with Cincalok-RM 12.00
Cincalok is a famous Melaka food where you will see people selling it in a bottle for around RM3-4. It can be cook in many ways but one of the easy and famous dish is the cincalok omelette. All waitress from each Nyoya restaurant will recommend you to order this. Cincalok itself already carried salty taste. It really depends on the cooking style, some may make it a little too salty because of the way the handle the cincalok, some can be really delicious. For this dish, we feel it is a bit too salty.

Sotong Goreng Kunyit- RM15.00
We ordered the fried calamari with turmeric which is recommended by the waitress. Since we always have the normal fried calamari, we were thinking why not try some new style. But it doesn't turnout as we thought it would be. The calamari is soggy and nothing smell of turmeric except the colour, it is better to order our normal way I guess. 

Assam Pedas Fish (Seasonal Price)- RM 56.00
Not bad for the Assam Pedas Fish except it wasn't that spicy as we thought it is. The size of the fish is just nice for 5 of us, however it can be better on the Assam gravy. The taste of the sauce is mild, nothing too spicy or too sour, commented by others is that nothing like assam pedas.

Overall the food is just average, wasn't up to our standard for Nyonya food. The price was slightly lower than Cottage Spices but taste wise is incomparable. For my personally view, I will prefer Cottage Spices more than Makko. The advantage is the capacity of space is much more bigger than Cottage Spices, more comfortable when dine in.

Restoran Nyonya Makko
123, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Merdaka Raya,
75000 Melaka
Tel: 06-2840737
Business Hour: 11.30am-2.45pm, 6pm-9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)


Choi Yen said...

Nasi besar satu! LOL

Your Melaka said...

suka nyonya food

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