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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sri Jaya Pau | Restoran Sin Tong Kok, Pahang

If you are visiting Kuantan or Pahang area, there is another food you should never miss out. That is the Sri Jaya Pau! It was recommended by my colleague long time ago but I never had a chance to visit the place. This time, we purposely make our way there. It is located in Restoran Sin Tong Kok, Maran.

Advisable to place your order in advance before you visit the place to avoid disappointment. They normally sold out all the pau before noon. 

Once you step into the restaurant, you can see lots of steam trays staging at the corner. All these trays are full of pau pre-ordered by people. Ours are in there too! *Excited!*

Sorting time with the owner. We had pre-order more than 100 Pau! Unfortunately, all pau are reserved and we are unable to buy more on the spot. So, it is best to pre-order it.

I bought 10 Char Siew Pau for RM1.80 each. It seem a bit expensive and the size also quite small but the taste is just splendid. What I like about this pau is the skin is really thin, mostly are covered by the filling. Overall the pau is so soft that when you try to peel the outer skin, the filing just burst out. The taste is simply delicious! No wonder my colleague bought 50 pieces back KL! 

Here is the address and phone number. To get there: exit Sri Jaya and head toward Sri Jaya Town, it is just a short drive after the toll. You can easily use waze to get there.

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