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Saturday, December 06, 2014

A day at Universal Studio Japan | Osaka

During the Spring season in Japan around early April, we make a trip to the Universal Studio Japan(USJ) in Osaka since we are there for 4 days. This is the second Universal Studio we had visited after Universal Studio Singapore. Let's check out the attractions in USJ compare to USS!

How to reach USJ:
Take JR Yumesaki Line to Universal City Station, around 5 mins walk from the station to USJ entrance.
The famous Universal globe at the entrance. The place was so huge that even it is the super peak season, everyone have enough space to take photos. We can avoid people booming our photos.

Entrance to USJ

It is advise to reach USJ before 9am to avoid crowd and long queue. Entrance ticket can be purchase at JR Midori ticket counter at Osaka station in advance if you want fast access without queueing. However, express passes can only be purchase from USJ counter and it is limited. If you are going during peak season and hate long queueing on rides, you can purchase their express passes.
1 day Studio Pass costs 6,980 yen(included tax). During April, there are two types of express passes which are express pass 7 and express pass 4. Since the opening of Harry Potter park in July, there are three types of express passes now- Express Pass 7, Express Pass 5 and Express Pass 3. All express passes price list can check from here. We bought the Express Pass 7 to cover 7 popular attractions using express lane.

There are 9 zones in USJ compare to USS which only have 7 zones. We actually completed the whole park in one day and watched most of the shows as well. First thing when you enter, get their showtime schedule for the day, try not to miss their shows especially the Waterworld. Also, try get their Japanese version Studio guide, there is more information than the English version guide. If you can't read Japanese like me, no worry, lots of pictures in there to guide you.

Here is the map of the park:

Hollywood Wall of Fame 

Yellow Taxi at New York park

Can't resist to selfie on all the hats..XD

His favourite old time movie- Back to the Future at San Francisco park. There is a ride on Back to the Future as well, luckily we purchased the Express pass 7, it was so crowded at the normal lane. 

Backdraft- Allows you to experience searing special effects up close.

So coincidence at that time we arrived is during the One Piece premier show. The whole USJ was decorated with One Piece theme and lots of merchandise of One Piece selling there.

Jaws at Amity Village. You can experience a tour through shark-infested water.

Super cute park at Universal Wonderland. All rides are cater for small children.

Theater Show at Waterworld where it brings you action-filled adventure. Don't miss this! It only have 2 shows per day, get the schedule ready.

The main characters of the show. Water will splash out from the show, so advisable to sit further to avoid getting wet.

Woody Woodpecker show at Hollywood park.

It is a amazing show, you can see woodpecker bursting out from the screen in person.

Magical Starlight Parade
The dazzling night parade instantly transformed the whole USJ  into a dream world. You can see all your favourite cartoons on the street. The best ending for the night!

Overall area of USJ is 4-5 times bigger than USS, easy to walk and you won't jam packed with everyone. Toilets are plenty around USJ and it is super clean. The only downside is the language, all shows are spoken in Japanese. Every jokes that they said, I can only watch him laughs.

Food to eat at USJ:

There are a lot of food outlets in USJ, simply from Japanese to Western and Chinese, there are more than 14 restaurants and 8 snack stands in USJ. No worry on finding food, but what to eat there? Let's check out what I have found.

One of the snack stand in Jurassic Park

Turkey Leg- 850 yen
Seeing lots of people eating this giant turkey leg, just can't resist. However, it turn out not as good as we expected but a good experience to try out the giant leg.

Since One Piece is here, we just can't missed to grab its bottle for memory. The toast bottle with soft drink costs 1400 yen.

Everywhere were decorated in One Piece theme, this included the restaurant as well. Let's eat like a pirate!

One Piece's fan will become crazy seeing this place. One of them is him!
Counter for ordering

Meat Feast -1850 yen
Bone in meat with baked vegetables and turmeric rice. One of the favourite meaty dish in One Piece

Grilled Salmon- 1800 yen
Grilled salmon with skewed bake vegetables and turmeric rice. Price isn't cheap when come to these kind of theme menu. But it is a good experience for One Piece's fan to experience in person to eat like One Piece characters.

USJ closed around 8-9pm, depends on the schedule time each day. After the parade, we walked to the Universal City Walk for dinner. We picked Hard Rock Cafe since we want some Western food after days of Japanese food.

Finally, I can find someone who can speak the same language as I do- English! Menu is in English too. Suddenly I feel like back home. The setting is quite similar around the world.
Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Duo Combo (Chicken & Pork)- 2840 yen
Since I am so hungry and can't decide what to eat, I ordered their best of both Bar-B-Que Chicken and Smoked Pulled Pork. It comes with seasoned fries, ranch beans and homemade day pickles or coleslaw. I preferred their chicken over the pork.

New York Strip Steak- 3800 yen
A USDA choice 21-day-aged, center-cut, 12 oz. New York strip steak grilled to your liking and topped with Merlot-garlic butter. It is served with fresh vegetables and garlic herb smashed potatoes with gravy. The best food we had for the day!

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka
Universal CityWalk Osaka 3F & 4F
6-2-61 Shimaya, Konokana-ku, Osaka Japan 554-0024 

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