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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market-the largest weekend market in Bangkok, operated with more than 8,000 stalls. This is the shopping heaven for all women. A shopping area popular for both locals and tourist. Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections and every sections contains stalls that sell same or similar range of products like plants, clothes, furnitures and many more.

How to get there:
Take BTS to Mochit Station, walk around 5 mins and you will reach Chatuchak. You can also follow the crowd as everyone is going to the same destination.

I actually printed the map and bring along with me. I used the map to make some notes so that when I come back again, I could find those shops. With the map, it actually help us to find toilet, food outlets and the entrance. The place is so big that you could actually get lost especially for first timer.

Many many clothes stalls

Bags and Souvenirs

One of the street was covered by colourful umbrella

If you are looking for porcelain plates and cups, here is the shop.

Brother bought his ship clock in this shop. This shop selling mostly decoration of ships.

The clock tower in Chatuchak.

Happily shopping!

The chef actually posed for us. Bravo!

Lighting decoration

What to eat in Chatuchak?

1. Coconut Ice-cream
We spotted in one of the section. A lot of stalls are selling this famous Coconut Ice-cream, so we can't differentiate which is better. We picked this one because in front of the stall is a resting place with benches. We took the opportunity to rest while enjoying the coconut ice-cream.

Coconut Ice-cream-35 baht
The ice-cream is very refreshing especially in a hot day. We just can't have enough of it! We were also given a small cup of coconut water to clear our mouth after eating. 

2. Ice Tube
Ice tube-10 baht
We spotted another ice-cream cart selling those ice tube. You can actually find this in Malacca Jonker street. There are around 8 flavours-coke, orange, strawberry, and others. Another way to cool down ourself after hours of walking.

3. Thai Food
Since it is around lunch time, we picked one of the restaurant that have air-conditional to dine in as everyone was too hot to dine in any humid area.

The restaurant is quite small, the table that was given barely can fit 4 person but luckily we are not too big size, we still able to squeeze together.

Lovely orchids were used as decoration for the drink

We order Green Tea but it came out to be tea in bright green colour. Didn't taste anything awful, we still able to drink it.

Shrimp Spring Roll- 120 baht

Tom Yum Gong- 200 baht

Deep Fried Grouper Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce- 350 baht

Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut in Taro Nest- 150 baht

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables and Black Mushroom- 100 baht

I was shocked and admired the flower decoration that they used for each of the dishes. The fresh flowers are so beautiful when display, Mom even wanted to bring it home.  Overall the food is quite nice and the price is very reasonable as well especially for place that is filled with tourists. High recommended!

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