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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cantin | Midvalley

If you happen to shop in Midvalley and at the same time craving for some local delights, no worry, you can now find in Cantin which is located one floor below the cinema area. This is a restaurant that I spotted few months ago, a small cosy place with bright light bulbs all over the place that caught my attention. 

I'm going to recommend you this place where you can find most of the local delights from nasi lemak to Penang prawn mee, Hainanse Chicken Chop, basically everything that you love about Malaysian food. And the price won't cause you a heart attack too when come to food in the mall!

Here is their menu, simple yet unique way of presentation using the feel of school's exercise book as their menu cover.

I compiled their menu, you can have a look on what they are serving.

Here are what we have ordered!

Barley-RM 3.70, Ambra with Sour Plum-RM 4.90

Signature Hainanese Chicken Chop-RM 16.50
This is one of the chef's recommendation dish. The chicken chop come with either rice or fries that you can choose from. My man actually love this dish. The deep fried chicken chop was very crispy and juicy, topped with their signature tomato gravy, simple yet delicious! 

Nasi Lemak Pandan with Ayam Brempah- RM 10.90
Nowadays, I can hardly find green pandan rice even in some Nasi Lemak you can hardly have the pandan fragrant. This is where we were quite impressed, nice pandan fragrant rice with the fried chicken and sambal. The only thing that is lacking in this dish is my favourite fried anchovy (ikan bilis), that is the must have item in Nasi Lemak that making the dish incomplete.

Penang Prawn Mee -RM 9.90
This is also one of the chef's recommendation dish that we must order. Since they have stated 'Penang" for their prawn mee, as a Penangite I will need to use the Penang's standard to judge this dish. At the first look, this isn't the authentic Penang prawn mee because we don't put fish cake in the prawn mee except for KL style. Overall, I think it is still not bad but comparing to Penang Authentic prawn mee, they are still far more away from the taste. Keep it up!

Sweet and Sour Chicken- RM 10.90
From all the dishes that I have ordered, this is least favourite dish although it is stated as one of the chef's recommendation dish. One of my favourite food in my food list is sweet and sour chicken rice but this is quite disappointed. Although sweet and sour sauce looks and sounds easy to make but it is actually quite a big challenge to make it really nice. Forget about the sauce, the real disappointment here are the fried chicken and egg. The fried chicken is over cooked, hard and dry, and the egg too is hard (feels like it had been there for quite sometime). 

All the above comments are basically my own personal views on food. Overall ambience, food and beverage from this restaurant are quite good, but there are rooms for improvement that I hope they can realise it soon. The price are reasonable too for a restaurant in a mall. I'll definitely will come back to try out more food! 

If you have tried the food from this restaurant, share your comments below too!

T-026, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall,
lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL

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