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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

After You Dessert Cafe | Central World

It wasn't our first time to Bangkok but dessert cafe just never slot into our food itinerary compare to Thai food and Thai dessert. This is until one night after dinner at Nara we passed by After You dessert cafe and saw their big signboard on Japanese Shaved Ice (Kakigori). It reminds him of the Kakigori he used to order in Japan Club Kuala Lumpur, one of the very first early Japanese restaurants in KL back in 1990's but now they no longer have it in their menu. So far, we are still looking for the authentic Japanese Kakigori in Malaysia. 

After You Dessert Cafe started the business in 2007 and today there are around 10 branches in Bangkok. Their signature desserts are Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Lava Cake, Panookie, Figgy Pudding and etc. However, I am not here to review about their toasts instead about their new menu of Kakigori (That's what attracted us to join the crowd!)

I personally like their interior design of the shop, very similar to the modern Japanese cafe  that we visited in Japan. Normally the cafe is full house and long queue but we were there around closing time after our late dinner, so the place was a bit empty. When it is full house, you will need to get a number to wait for a seat. 
Ordering must be made at the counter area. Menu were written on their big black board behind the counter. When we ordered the Japanese Shaved Ice, it is still not on their menu. We pointed out to them based on the picture of the dessert. We didn't not order any of the toast that day since we just had our dinner. 

The seating arrangement in the cafe.

Cakes counter and cookies on the shelf for you to choose from.

The long waited Japanese Shaved Ice is here!
Mayongchid Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice)
At that time, there is only one flavour for the Kakigori which is the Mayongchid Kakigori. Mayongchild is a yellowish orange fruits with the size of a large chicken egg, resembles the shape of dewdrop. The taste is very similar to peach but sweeter and crunchier. Kakigori comes with a bowl of shaved ice with Mayongchid flesh inside and a cup of Mayongchid juice to pour over the shaved ice.

Mayongchid Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice)
This is what we called the Authentic Japanese Shaved Ice, it is quite similar to our Malaysia Ice Kacang except with lesser ingredients and finer in terms of the shaved ice. We both love this Mayongchid fruit that goes perfectly well with the shaved iced. However good thing never come in cheap as well, it cost  around 165 baht (if not mistaken) for a bowl of shaved ice.

Recently, they introduced a new flavour of Kakigori- Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori. I wonder how does it taste like? Making me mouth watering while writing this post. you can try it out if you are visiting Bangkok soon.

Here are the outlets of After You Dessert Cafes around Bangkok:

Our last trip in Bangkok was quite rush that we haven't had enough time to try out their toast. I am sure I will come back again for their signature toast on our next trip to Bangkok. Let me know if you have try out their toast or Kakigori, leave me a comment below. I love to hear from you!

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