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Sunday, July 26, 2015

All sushi at RM 2.50 and RM 3.50 @ Sushi Flash | SS2

Today, I am going to introduce you a place that I like to visit when I'm craving for cheap and good sushi. I came to know Sushi Flash when I visited the Subang outlet, however I found their second outlet in SS2 is far more better in terms of taste and quality. Sushi Flash is located in the same row as KFC in SS2, it is also behind the row of Sushi Mentai. I have reviewed on Sushi Mentai (another outlet that has a similar concept.), you may find my post here.

When you come to Sushi Flash, you need to follow like their tagline " Eat like a boss!". Why? 

Everything sold in Sushi Flash only come in 2 prices which are RM 2.50 and RM 3.50 based on the colour of the plates. Green tea is RM 2 per person. Cups can be found on the table and the green tea will be placed on the conveyor belt for easy reach.

There a menu on the sushi and a set menu.

Let see some of the sushi I have picked and ordered. Sushi is price based on their plate's colour. White and Green with price of RM 2.50 while Red and Green are price at RM 3.50. Prices are cheaper and very competitive to Sushi King.
Tuna Sushi- RM 2.50

Salmon Nigiri-RM 3.50

Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Nigiri- RM 3.50

Salmon Sushi-RM 3.50

Unagi- RM 3.50
Unagi is no where to be seen in the menu, however they will serve on the conveyor belt sometimes. It really depends on your luck, sometimes we managed to get two plate, sometimes none. The portion of Unagi served on the sushi is quite big pieces, really worth the value.

Aburi Salmon Syio Nigiri- RM 3.50

Salmon Sashimi- RM 3.50
Three thin pieces of salmon sashimi, you get what you pay for. I think Sushi Mentai's sashimi is better than here although the price is a bit higher but the sashimi is thicker and fleshy.

Golden Egg- RM 3.50
I love golden egg but so far I've only seen Sushi King and Sushi Flash sell this. I recommend you to order with the waiter instead of getting from the conveyor belt because they will serve you the freshly fried ones from the kitchen.

Other than their sushi, the best part is their fried items. The skill and batter used are far more better than a lot of Japanese restaurant in town. Normally when I visit Sushi Flash, I will order most of the fried items from the menu which made the waiter to be quite familiar with us (I guess I am one the few customers who are crazy about that). More importantly, you need to special order from the waiter as they will serve you freshly hot ones from their kitchen and it is more crunchy and juicy!
Fried Salmon- RM 3.50

Sushi Flash SS2
Fried Salmon Skin -RM 3.50

Sushi Flash SS2
Deep Fried Shisamo-RM 3.50

Sushi Flash SS2
Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll-RM 3.50
Another item that I highly recommend is their soft shell crab hand roll. When it come to hand roll, a lot people will tend to avoid as most of the restaurant will stuff in a lot of rice and very little main ingredient to cut their cost. But I can tell you that Sushi Flash did the opposite way where big chunk of soft shell crab was main stuffing inside with lots of cucumber and a small portion of rice which make the whole handroll crunchy and you just can't have enough of it!

Chawanmushi-RM 3.50
This is the least favourite from their menu, I guess they can do better in terms of their portion and presentation.

Overall, I still prefer Sushi Flash compare to Sushi Mentai and Sushi King. Overall price is cheaper and the quality in terms of the taste and freshness are more consistent. Although Sushi Mentai's sushi prices are slightly lower than Sushi Flash, but their sushi variety is limited and other items are similar priced with Sushi King or other Japanese restaurants which can sum up to be quite expensive too.

Sushi Flash
64, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour: 11.30am- 10.30p,m
Tel. No: 03-7865 0605

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