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Friday, September 18, 2015

OpenSnap: An App to Record Your Food Trail

If you love food like me and search non-stop for new food or new outlets everyday, here is an app that can help you look for food outlets nearby from your location. It is always updated with new opening outlets around, and you can build your own food album. OpenSnap is the app that allow you to record your food journey, find food in multiple countries, and follow your friends' food trail and many more. 

Let me bring you through some of the functions in OpenSnap. You can download the app from google or apple store, and look for OpenSnap:

Once you have downloaded the OpenSnap app, you will see the platform below where you can select you own location at the top. At the browsing area, there are banners flashing where OpenSnap will bring you the latest news and updates there. There's also a bookmarks section for you to bookmark your favourite food outlets or outlets that you are interested in. You can even search the nearby for new food outlets or other locations.

Other than just Malaysia, OpenSnap is also available on a few countries like China, Hong Kong, Macau and many more. It is so convenient for you to find food when you travel to South East Asian countries too.

Thinking of following other's food trails, you can click on Everyone where you can see people who use the app share their recent meals on this platform. You will always be filled with lots of food photos that makes you go hungry easily.

Tracking some of the food outlets that I like using "My bookmarks". It is easy and fast where you can read on the reviews and rating.

From the bookmarks area, there is also a map view where you can easily track the location of the food outlets you have bookmarked. Now, you won't be lost in some jungle area while looking for the outlet.
You can also bookmarks your favourite location so that it is easy when comes to searching food outlets at these area.

I love to see and follow my friends' food photos. You can link the app to your facebook where your facebook friends will instantly appear in the app. You can now follow or check out your friends' bookmark and food photos.

Once you have login to OpenSnap, you will have a page of yourself where you can upload photos and start your album. The good news is OpenSnap is not only restricted to restaurant food, you can also upload and share your own homecooked food with the world. The talent of the hidden chef inside you can now be shared to the world.

This is how you can upload the photo, just click on the camera icon to upload your food photo, then it will bring you to the page below to type in the details of the dish, decor or selfie photo. 

Publish it and everyone can now view and follow your food album. No matter where you go, you can now upload and update your album to everyone.

For me, I would think OpenSnap is like a food diary, it helps me to record all the outlets I have been to and helps me easily locate the outlets that I would like to visit next time. It also lets me connect with my friends, sharing the food outlets that I have visited to my friends.

Sharing is caring, I hope you like my introduction on this new app!

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