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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant | Subang Jaya

It is time to find some nice Japanese restaurant for a change and this is the place that I visited recently. It was one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Subang Jaya, and it definitely proves it all by the looks of it. Kinpachi is located at SS17, Subang Jaya, and it is operated in the 1st floor of the building. During the weekend, it is mostly packed and the seating capacity is quite small as well, around 30-33 pax max. I would recommend to make a reservation or else you might bump into a long queue at the entrance.

I saw all of the chefs are mainly Japanese, I guess this is the reason they can keep a good standard in their food. However, the waiter and waitress are all foreigners.

As for their food, I think it is fairy good and authentic. The price is quite reasonable too for an authentic Japanese restaurant. Looking back at these photos, makes me mouth watering again. 
Salmon Avocado Roll-RM 23

Yaki Gyoza- RM 14

Chuka Iidako Sushi-RM 6

Ebiko Sushi-RM 6

Tonpei Yaki-RM 17
For those who are familiar to Okonomiyaki, this is quite similar to the dish. This is an omelette filled with shredded cabbage and meat, topped with sweet and savory tonkatsu sauce and mayo. It turns out to be quite delicious even though everyone was super full at the time it is served. But we managed to finish up without hesitation.

Tonkatsu Set-RM 34

Unajyu-RM 60
I'm personally quite disappointed with this dish. I am expecting it to be at least similar to Japan's taste, but they truly failed on the rice. Portion is quite small too considering the price that I am paying.

Barasushi-RM 32

Wakayama Ramen- RM 20

Chashu Men-RM 22

We loved most of the food and it definitely a YES YES for us to come back again for the quality and price. It is a must try Japanese restaurant if you are a big fan of Japanese food.

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant
Lot1.06, Wisma Dicor,
Jalan 17/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5632 2022/ 03-5632 2017 

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