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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Ezbuy Online Shopping-What you need to know and how to use?

I have been trying out Ezbuy recently for my online shopping instead of buying from Taobao directly. I have also recommended this platform to my family and friends especially for those who do not understand Chinese. This is one of the ways to shop Taobao's items with an online shopping agent.

Source: ezbuy
What is Ezbuy?
Ezbuy is a provider of online shopping services. Basically, they can help you buy anything from Taobao without you facing the sellers. Ezbuy can be in three languages for Malaysia's platform: English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia. 

How to purchase from Ezbuy?
There are two ways of buying from Ezbuy:
1. Buy directly from its selected shops and items.
2. Ask them to help you buy from Taobao.

1. Buy directly from its selected shops and items through their website
You can select category from women's clothing to home & garden and pick any item to buy. Everything that is posted in the website are items that you can see a confirmed shipping fee and agent fee on the spot. However, there is a limited of items from the shop compare to the ones posted in Taobao.

2. Ask them to help you buy from Taobao-"Buy for me"
It is super easy. Basically, you just copy the item's link from Taobao, paste on to the search bar and click search. The website will integrate their website with the Taobao's link. 

Source: ezbuy

However, I found the price to be slightly higher than the price shown in Taobao. I guess this is the extra price to pay for if you ask them to buy.
Source: ezbuy
The below screenshot is from Taobao, the price after conversion is around RM 63.00 but the above shown is RM87.76 which does not include the international shipping fee and agent fee yet. 

Also, you need to take note that when using 'buy for me" method, shipping fee and agent fee will be paid separately from the item's price. You will only be asked to pay after the goods arrive at the warehouse before shipping it to you. The below screenshot is the shipping payment.

Here is what I have bought recently from Ezbuy. 

I bought two Iphone covers and knife holder. Unfortunately the knife holder is no longer in stock in ezbuy, can't screenshot the page.

Once I checkout to buy both items, there is a summary on the shipping fee and agent fee shown on the spot. Basically, you will pay that amount and no additional shipping charges needed. You may also need to take note that there are a list of self collection points set up in KL, Johor, Penang, Ipoh & Sarawak where you can collect your goods. However, if you want Ezbuy to deliver directly to your door step, you can pay additional RM 8 for delivery fee. I prefer to have my parcel sent directly to my door step.

When my parcel arrived, it is wrapped in Ezbuy's wrapper. Quite proper packing and everything came in good condition. Here are my items! It took around 13 days for my items to arrive due to Raya Holiday which is faster than my expectation.

I hope you liked my post. Basically, I use ezbuy when I can find the goods that I want from their website and shipping fee is reasonable. Since they will handle everything after payment, I can sit back and relax to wait for my goods to arrive. 

If you find other online shopping services which is better and cheaper, feel free to comment on the below!


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