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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Malacca Trip

Just finished uploaded all the photos in facebook, it is time for blogging about the trip now. We went there on the Raya day. We started our trip early in the morning but half way there, we got some problem on one of my friend's car so we have to return and get another car again. So, the real time we departed to Malacca was 12pm and it had started to jam all the way till Malacca.
Then, the first place we went was to find food to eat(everyone hungry), went to Hoe Kee's Chicken Rice Shop but the queue was damn long same to Chung Wah Chicken Rice Shop.T.T So we decided to go to Newton, there was crowded too but at least have place to sit. The place is under renovation so there are about 5 stalls only.

We went to Mahkota Parade to get some air-con, the weather was hot there. We heard there is a branch of Nadeje for delicious crepe cake but unfortunately when we arrived there, the cakes have been sold out. Luckily we have ws's senior to show us to another branch opposite Mahkota Parade to buy. We were unable to dine-in because the place was packed so we eat while we walked to Jonker street.

After Jonker street, we went to have our dinner which was 10pm and the Ban Siang Lee satay celup Restaurant was still crowded so we decided to go to the next shop for satay celup. It is called Old Village Satay Celup Restaurant. The price is RM0.60 for a stick. The taste was not bad but every stick contain very small portion compare to Ban Siang Lee.

Next morning, we went to have breakfast in Hoe Kee's Chicken Rice Shop. We reach there about 9am but luckily we are the 3rd person to line up. " chicken rice also want to lined-up" my mom will sure said this if she saw us. I still like the chicken a lot compare to others(no smell). We can't get the chance to taste the Asam Fish because it is not sold in the morning.

Then we went to Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. It costs RM8 for adult and RM4 for children. We are not allow to take photos in the Museum so I got the outside look only.

Then we went to have a ride on the Malacca River Cruise. It cots RM10 for adult. It took about 40-50 minutes ride if i'm not mistaken. I still think it is worth of money to go on this ride. I got to see different places around Malacca that cant see through driving. I still prefer to go on the day although many prefer night because of the lighting at night. In the day, I can see all the painting on the houses.

Next, The Menara Taming Sari. We pay RM10 for showing MyCard. Without MyCard will be RM20 and RM10 for children. 7 minutes for the ride. We got to see whole Malacca from the top, it is better to go on day rather than night because you will get to see the view clearer.

Lunch at Baba Low's. The place is located at Jln Tengkera. After Tengkera Mosque,turn right into the lane, the place will be at your left under a big mango tree.

Mee Siam (Good)

Nyonya laksa (looks like Curry Mee)-very good

Next, we went to have Pan Mee.Some shop lots opposite Menara Taming Sari, the same row as Nadeje. I didn't get to know the shop name but the pan mee is nice.
At night, we went back to Portugese Settlement to have seafood. We choose stall 4, restaurant 88. Food was okay, 5/10 not very bad but not very good also. Total we pay RM144 for 7 persons for having crabs, lala, fish,vege and sotong.

Famous Mango juice, taste sour and sweet, help to trickle our nerve when we 1st taste it. The left side with a big uncle head is the original Mango Juice located at stall 10. The right side is prepared by an aunty at stall 1, the Mango Juice tasteless at all.

Third day, we went to Yong Moh Kopitiam to have Dim Sum for breakfast. They are famous with the big pau. It is located at Jalan Tukang Emas, opposite road of Jonker street. The Big Pau is half the size of Big Pau in KL and cost RM2. I like the taste of Char Sau Pau (RM1) better than the Big Pau. In case you never know, the char sau pau is also half the size of the normal one. So small that one person can eat 3 of it.

Big Pau

Small Pau

On the way back to KL, we stopped by Seremban to buy some Seremban Siew Pau. A great journey we have this time. Hope we can organise another trip in the near future before everyone graduate. :)


Chua You Heng said...

adui... u still blogging ah? hahaha... i need u to recommend me foods in malacca le. hahaha...

Su Fen said...

y cant I blog ah? msn me then I tell u lo.. you can follow my blog malacca itinery...

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