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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly (Hakka Mee)

Again I will like to introduce a shop under the Queensbay bridge that I have mention in the earlier post. I have located the road name, it is call Pantai Jerjak but I don't think many will recognise the road name rather call it Sg Nibong.

This place was highly recommend for it Hakka Mee either in dry or curry. I went to this shop before like 2 years ago but never try the mee before. This time I tell myself I had to try it no matter how good/bad it was. The shop does not have a shop name, my friend just recognise it with its blue rooftop. Yes indeed it is very different from other shop. 

Once you went into the shop, order will be taken on the spot not when you seated because you can see what you want to order from the counter. Then process to your table as you like, they know where you sit. I order dry Hakka Mee as my friend recommended but very disappointed, the Hakka Mee is tasteless and I can't manage to finish it too as it is too tasteless. It is that bad? Why not you try it yourself and tell me your opinion? I'm happy to hear from everyone.:)

Fried items still not bad but i don't like the fried item with pork inside. The filling taste rather a bit weird.

 There is also come with a bowl of soup if you order those soup items like yong tau fu.

I spotted this board inside the shop, I guess this is the name of the shop.

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