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Monday, January 17, 2011

Theater-Beta Gundah Gulana

It has been long for me to watch theater, the last time was in KL like 2 years ago. This theater perform for 3 days but I attended the last show. My room mate was the co-director for this theater that is why I'm there. Not that I do not like theater but maybe because usually in USM it is mostly participated by Malays and performed in Malay.I always like English theater. But this change my mind after watching it. All the actor and actress are professional even most of them are students. I like the colour they created using colourful clothes. Different clothes represented different characteristics.

This theater is about a story of a king named Gundah Gulana. He was once a good king, fair and all his people respect him. But then he become a king who abandoned his people and rarely want to discuss about his country's matters. This is where different people came to take over the king's power. Classical Malay theater that it all go back to the time that King was the highest of all. 

A very nice shows I can say although it happened some mistaken during the performance. 

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