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Sunday, March 20, 2011

James Foo & Family Western Food

Heavy downpour yesterday, but it just can't stop me from going there. Where will I bring you all today? Yes, the famous and well-known western food at Fettes Park. So I drove all the way to Fettes Park with my bunch of food kaki (some haven't been there before) to try out their western food. I thought they are closed from the old shop but then a new building which located beside the shop lot attracted me, instantly I recognised it was the shop. They have move to new building, bigger and spacious, even have their own parking lots but very limited space. I heard from one of the staff that they had just move in since Wednesday and the place was packed. 

We waited around 15 minutes to get our seat, we actually have to find our seat ourselves. No one serve us, just like their same old way in their old shop too.This can't be the way if you have move into another bigger place, need to be more systematic. Anyway, after we have ordered, we still need to wait around 1 hour and 15 minute before our meal served. We were excited before coming but then the waiting period make us lost appetite. Maybe they have just move to new place still need some time to suit but I do not think this should be an excuse plus 2 out of 3 toilet are floated and the last one is very dirty. I think they should ensure everything is in good condition before they start their business. A very bad impression to those who are first time visit this place. Furthermore, the price had increased too.

Anyway, let me talk about the food. 

Fresh Mushroom Soup-RM3.00
 I like the taste of this creamy mushroom soup with slices of fresh mushroom. It not salty at all like those in PizzaHut.

Fresh Garden Salad-RM5.00
The Garden Salad recommended by my friend but I think it is just normal  salad with thousand island sauce. There is nothing really special to me plus my friend complaint they have change the cherry tomatoes to normal slices tomatoes. Cut costs?
Breakfast all day-RM6.50
One of my friend order this because he do not have appetite that day. There is nothing special about it and I think it is more suitable for kid meal rather than breakfast set. Anyway, one of my friend was saying how can they serve breakfast set when they do not open for breakfast. Erm..I was wondering too..

Grilled Chicken & Fish Combo-RM10.00
I personally like this very much. The chicken was very juicy and tender. The fish is very fresh. Normally I hate to order fish in western food restaurant as the fish always came with fishy smells (frozen fish?) but this does not. The mushroom sauce I guess taste great with the combination of chicken and fish.

Chicken Gordon Bleu-RM10.00

Always my priority dish in this restaurant. I guess everyone will agree with me too. The most famous dish of all because no matter how many time I come most of my friends will order this. They said this place served the best Gordon Bleu. I do agreed. It is hard to describe the taste but I'm sure everyone coming back to order this.  

Not to forget to order the juices. Most people like to order the Jumbo size as it is worth but for me a normal size is enough. 
Watermelon Juice-RM3.50
Orange Juice Jumbo-RM6.00
Ambra Plum Juice-RM3.50
 In case anyone do not know the place, I have draw a map out:

James Foo & Family Western Food
21-A, Jalan Fettes,
Fettes Park, 11200 Penang.
Business Hours: Tuesday- Sunday (4pm-11.30pm)
Tel no.: 012-4383671 (Kenny Foo)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The service after they have moved to the new place is definitely lacking. The manager and his crew are impolite to guests as well.

One would think with a computerised ordering system, the restaurant front management would be more efficient. But no, it does look like they had let the system control them instead of them controlling the system. I'll vote for the old coffee shop anytime. Why pay more for the same food but bad service.

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