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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Finally 9 months of hard work,
6 months of writting,
2 months of surveying,
1 month of reading lit. review,
A week of checking,
A day of printing and binding,
A few second of hang in,
my FYP is cook, i mean completed!
Oh yes!
Thanks to my friends who help me,
Thanks to my mom who correct me,
Thanks to him who patiently lead me,
Thanks for scolding me on the paper but not on my face.
That's the best thing anything can be.
Oh yes!
1 month more to say bye bye to USM,
29 days more for VIVA,
19 days more for TS exam,
14 days more for Econs exam,
8 days more for last TS class,
1 hour more for Econ last class.
What should I do now?
Time is running out now,
It seem like the 1st day I enrolled to USM,
and now the last day is going to be near.

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