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Friday, April 08, 2011

Kek Seng Coffeeshop-Penang Road

It was a hot day after a busy routine. My parent came to Penang for "Qing Ming" and dad suddenly suggested to go to a old place of his and a new place for us. It is located at Penang Road where it is actually some shop lots at the middle of main  road. Therefore, it is hard to find parking as it is main road (you can't park in the main road, sure get bang by car) but dad know his way and park inside some small road. The name of the old kopitiam is Kek Seng, it has established since 1906(wrote on the signboard). My dad always came here when he was young. So what is it special about this kopitiam? 

Oh yes, ice kacang, ice cream. It is famous for its durian ice cream. I ordered ice kacang with durian ice-cream. the price i think is RM4.00. The taste of the durian ice-cream not bad but I still like the one in OUG night market. The jelly was taste bad, it taste sour, I am not sure whether the original taste is like that but my brother like it very much. Overall still quite alright not very sweet. As I am not a fan of ice kacang so can't really differentiate whether it is super duper nice or not.

Lok Bak, Prawn fritters, Chinese sausage and Fried crab ball-RM5.70
It is nice at least the best one so far I eat in Penang. Very hard now days to find nice lok bak in Penang although Penang one of the famous dish is lok bak. Prawn fritters taste very nice too but a bit small.

I love laksa especially my mom one but this one taste quite similar to my mom's laksa. To me I think it is good. Must try!

Popiah-RM2.50 (2 pieces)
I guess this Popiah is famous since I saw a few newspaper cutting paste on the stall. I like it very much, the original Penang Popiah that came with soup. The taste is exactly the same as the taste I had when I was young (sound so old..wahaha..). Must try!

I cant provide any map as I still don't really know where is the location. Maybe you can google it.

Kek Seng Coffeeshop
382-384, Penang Road,
10000, Penang.
Operating Hours: 11am-4.30pm

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blueangel said...

ur picha of the food looks so delicious. Make me really wanna hv a taste of them ady. Enjoy reading ur post.

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