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Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market Promotion (Continue)

So, yesterday I went to try out the RM6.99 Fish and Chips at The Manhattan Fish Market with few of my friends. We went to Queensbay outlet around 1.30pm. The crowd was not that much, we waited about 30 minutes to be seated. The services was fast but there is lack of workers there so they were a bit mess up I guess. I did not find the service to be bad in this outlet as mentioned by others in other outlets. The waitress there too did not force us to order any drink or other side dish to go along. Most of us did not order drinks as our main purpose is to try the fish. So we only pay RM8.05 after tax.

Below is the Fish and chip's photo I took. The serving was quite big compare to what we expected. Most of us were unable to finish it because we found that the taste was flat as we continued. Although they served it in disposable plate, I'm fine with that because I understand they may not have enough time to wash the plates. At least they are not serving us disposable fork and knife, am I right? Overall, I think they achieved their mission-By serving unforgettable dining experiences that 'WOW' people.

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