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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Butterworth trip

After 2 weeks of exam, I finally have sometime for myself rather than stuck in the room with stacks of books. Still have a week before VIVA, so I have decided to visit Jess in Butterworth. Since, I have not drive to Butterworth before, Jess met me at Jetty to lead me to her place. 

So the 1st place we went was to have lunch at Jalan Raja Uda there. We went to Hong Keat Kopitiam there to have the famous yam rice. I love yam rice!

The yam rice not just any yam rice. It came along with a bowl of soup with all different types of pork parts like pork intestines, pork ball, pork blood, and etc. If you are a pork lover, you will definitely love this. The most best part is not the pork meat or any pork intestines but the soup, it is taste just nice along with the yam rice. You can asked for more soup if you needed or they will come to refill the soup for you too.

Here is the yam rice with a big piece of yam at the side. Jess said you can never see so big piece of yam in yam rice in any of Penang food outlet. I guess it is true too. The yam rice really nice and not those normal tasteless yam rice I get in Penang Island. Total, I only pay RM10 for both of us.

Next, we went to visit the 9th Emperor God Temple which is very well known during the Emperor Birthday. The place was very big and beautiful.

Then tea break for us, we went to 长盛美食店 to buy Yam cake. I'm not sure where is the place because Jess drove that day. I saw her used a lot of small lorong to arrive this place. It seem like Butterworth people very used to small lorong.

Yam cake -RM1.10 per piece 
Above photos is 3 pieces, the potion is big too but we manage to finished it because it taste very nice with the  sauce. I still think too little yam! haha..

Then, we went back to Jalan Raja Uda I think to tabao Air Mata Kucing (Longan Drink). The only Air Mata Kucing stall in Butterworth-said Jess. That's why everyone come here to have a drink but I think the drink is too sweet, end up have to add some water before drink.

Next, we went to popiah and lo bak stall which sell by the roadside. I am not sure where is this place again but seem to be along the Air Mata Kucing Stall only. Again, Jess tabao a few types of fried popiah, lo bak and fried tauhu. It taste great except the lo bak which I still think Penang Island lo bak is better. Jess asked a lot of chili to go with where I find it taste exactly like the Chicken rice's chili.

Dinner time, we went a restaurant near pacific there. The named I do not remember anymore. I try find it out again from Jess.
Lotus soup
Taste normal, i still think Grandma lotus's soup taste better. 

Duck meat noodles 
Taste very nice. The best was not the green noodles but the duck meat. I can't explain how good it was with the sauce on it. The meat is tender and juicy.  Must try!

After dinner, what can girl's do? But shopping in Pacific Shopping Mall, I can tell you even a small shopping mall, girls can always come out with bags of shopping bags. That is why people said earn ladies money is the most easiest way.

After shopping, we went to supper. I know whole day I have only visit 1 temple and 2 shopping malls and most of it were eating places. What can I do in Butterworth other than eat like in Penang Island? So next we went to Salad Bowl Coffee House which is located at the industrial place. Here is the address: 4623, JALAN CHAINFERRY COMPLEX, BUTTERWORTHPENANG 12100. Tel number: 6043232948
Jess said that this place have been more than 20 years and they still remained the same no matter the deco or the food. Last time, they used to have like a train design for people to dine in at the side but a lot of children fall from there so they have took it off and make the floor flat now.No more trains..T.T. Salad Bowl is a western restaurant but Jess came here not to eat their Western food but Chinese food instead. I felt so weird, how can a Western Food Restaurant served Chinese food better than the Western Food? 

Jess ordered the bread which is not in the menu but regular customer will know about it. It is a small bread that normally served by any Western Food Restaurant before the main course. But this bread is warm and soft not like those normal cold and hard bread. The best is to eat with butter and sugar, at first I cant accept with sugar in my bread but after try it on. I felt it taste better with the sugar in it.

Bread-RM1.00 per piece

Fried Bihun (dried)-RM5.90
Jess said this is the must try dish in this restaurant. The best that she always ordered. It is what we called the Hokkien Char in Penang. But this one taste really nice, nicer than the one I always had in Penang. No wonder, she insists me to order this in a Western Food Restaurant. Smells nice, taste nice!

Potatoes and Hams Salad-RM7.90
I insists to order a Western food dish since I am in the Western food restaurant. So I order a potatoes salad which always my favourite dish. But this one is a bit too much of mayonnaise on it make me feel like eating the mayonnaise from the bottle. 
End of 1st day.

The next day, Jess bring me to her place there for breakfast. I didn't manage to grabs some photos of what we eat...regret.. Jess ordered the famous belacan fried rice that the boss learnt from Thailand. It really taste great. I saw many tables order that too. I try ask Jess about the location again and post it up soon.

Then Jess went to Billion Supermarket to buy some groceries. Before I depart from Butterworth back to USM, we went to Faces to have lunch. I love Western Food and I guess Jess have to force to bring me there.haha..There is actually another outlet in Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

I ordered the lunch set meal which come with a soup, main course and a scope of ice-cream that costs only RM15.00. I guess I can said the price is reasonably cheap compare to KL price.
Mushroom soup
Taste normal- can soup
Garlic bread that come along with the soup
Taste great and smell good
Oriental Chicken Chop
I like chicken, but not the sauce. The sauce was too sweet, end up I have to sweep all the sauce a side. Eating the chicken alone without the sauce is very nice enough.

So my 2 days 1 night trip end here with lots of foods and shopping for me. Thanks Jess for the trip. I hope to see you again.

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