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Monday, May 16, 2011

Berlin's Bier Houz | Penang, Strait Quay (CLOSED)

After viewing and introducing by others, we make ourselves to pay a visit to this German & European Bistro which is located at Penang Strait Quay. I have make reservation one day before hand as Labour Day was an public holiday and I guess it will be packed for that day. But unfortunately, when I arrived, the waiters there insists that they do not have a record of my reservation. That is weird and the supervisor-Kitisak asked me to come next day as the place was packed. That make me mad and I insisted to be place even outside I don't mind as my whole group of friends are waiting outside. So we will place to sit in front of a bakery.
The waitress there introduce us to try their beer and the time we arrived was happy hour too. Happy Hour start from 4pm-8pm and Sunday all-hour. So we order a Lowenbrau original and Blackthorn cider to try it out.
Lowenbrau Original-RM 26.00 (0.5L), RM14.00 (0.3L)
I like this beer which is smooth and light sweet, suite the day of mine that day after a long frustration.

Blackthorn cider-RM21.00 (0.5L), RM12.00 (0.3L)
I didn't really like taste but most of my friends did. It contained of fruits juice and very strong alcoholic smell plus a bit sour.

German Sausage Platter-RM 25.90
A mix sausages with dipping sauce 3 sausages, I only like one of them that is placed in the middle from the above photos. The other 2 sausages have very strong smell of pork as I cant take it.

German Pork Knuckle-RM43 (whole), RM25 ( 1/2 potion)
We ordered the whole size and asked the kitchen to chop into small pieces. It is the best from all the dishes we have ordered that day. It is so crispy on the outside and juicy and tender in the inside. It is best to dip into the onion sauce. Must Try!

Spaghetti Pork Mushroom-RM25.90 
Spaghetti with oven roasted pork, fresh mushroom & cream.This pasta, you can choose either the white sauce or the tomato sauce and we choose the tomato sauce since we have order Spaghetti Carbonara. It taste special with pork slices and mushroom cook together but the spaghetti was overcooked. I think it would be better to served in white sauce than tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Carbonara-RM16.90 
Ham & Mushroom with a rich creamy sauce. There isn't any special to this dish, very normal Spaghetti Carbonara that we can find on any Western Restaurant with that price too.

Since we sat in front of the bakery-Four Seasons, the bread placed on the window make us more hungry, so I decided to picked up 2 breads to try on while waiting for our meals. 
Sausage Bread- RM4.50
The bread a bit hard but the sausages taste very nice, better than Berlin's Sausages. Sorry to said that.

Ham & Herb Bread-RM9.00
Nothing special as I didn't taste any herd in it plus the ham was little too. It is overpriced too!

Berlin's Bier Houz
No.3E-G-3B Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang,Malaysia.
Telephone / Fax : 604 899 8887

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