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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Elephant Thai Restaurant | Section 17

Last week was my brother's birthday and he picked this place to celebrate his 22th Birthday. It is located at Section 17, under the apartment block. This place served all Thai food, for those who love thai food should come over and try it out. There is another outlet located in Hartamas.

The design of the place has the fine dinning setting and it looks very comfort inside. I heard from my brother that the place have to make reservation to dine-in as it is always packed during dinner time even in weekdays. So it is better to call for reservation before you dine-in.

KrapChiap Cooler(Thai Roselle)-RM3.00
I love this Roselle drink, not very sweet and very refreshing. Must have!

Khai Jiao Ho Mok-RM15
This is their special egg omelette with fish otak-otak. Since brother want some omelette, the waiter recommend us to order one of their speciality omelette. I don't really like the taste as it has a lot of herbs and anyway where is the otak-otak?

Gai Tod Gratiam Prik Thai-RM15
This is their special deep fried chicken strips with Kaffic lime leaf, garlic and crushed thai peppercone. I like this dish very much, very crispy and good. Must try!

Plah Meuk Yang Prik Klue-RM21
This is the grilled squid with chilli and salt which is recommended by the waiter there. It taste really good but a bit spicy to me. Must try!

Tom Som with Seafood-RM20
Clear Galangal, Lemongrass and Lime Soup with aromatic thai herbs. This is their best selling soup and they recommend it with fish but we ordered the seafood because brother like seafood a lot. The soup was quite spicy, mom wasn't dare to take much. Although the soup looks clear but it really have the spiciness like those tom yam soup. Only 2 big prawns in the soup?

Jungle Vegetable of the day (Paku)-RM15
They served different vegetables everyday and normally they have like paku, egg plant, four angled bean, kang kung and hunag di miao. I like the paku, stir fried with chilli and onion, always my favourite vegetable.

The rice served here is actually a mixture of Jasmine rice and Brown rice which we can hardly see any restaurants provide it now days. It is RM3 per pax for dine in and RM5 per box for take-away. They served the rice in a big bowl which you take as much as you can eat however they do stated in their menu that " Our per pax " Dine-in" rice is "All you can eat " hence we do not allow take away from leftover of the serving rice bowl."

myElephant Thai Restaurant
Block C-G4 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel no: 010-2201283

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