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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cameron Trip-Day 1

It been a long time since I touches the ground of Cameron Highlands. More than 10 years for the first time I visit the place again. The memory I had was just the photos located in my mom's photo's album. Thanks to Groupon's deal, I manage to get hotel deal at a lower price.  There is 2 ways to reach Cameron Highlands which are from Simpang Pulai (Exit 307) and from Tapah ( Exit 302). I took the Simpang Pulai road which is much more further 30 minute than Tapah exit as the road is wider and safer.

Here is the map in Cameron Highlands. I suggest to print the map before you go as I cant find any free detail map in Cameron. The hotel only provide very brief map which do not state clearly of the places and roads. But basically Cameron only have 1 road to access to all towns, you won't get lost there.

Here's a map which I think is quite user friendly:

I reach there around 3pm as I can only checked in at 3pm. The room wasn't ready yet when I reached so I decided to go Brinchang town to have some late lunch.
Pasar Malam(Night Market) was one of the famous place to hang out there. It only open on Friday and Saturday at Brinchang town. You can spot it very clear once you reach the town as they started around 3pm until night with lots of stalls selling souvenir, flower, strawberry and snacks. 

I went in to a restaurant named Wai Yat restaurant. They are a lot of restaurants at Brinchang town and famous for the steamboat. Every restaurant for sure they will have steamboat but with different pricing. 

Kung Po Chicken with egg-RM7
The taste chicken taste very sweet, not the kung po chicken we usually eat.

Fried Rice with egg-RM6
Normal fried rice, nothing to said about, do not expect much.

Belacan Fried Dragon Beard-RM10
A special vegetable that introduce by the waitress. The taste again was sweet, the taste was not those belacan fried kangkung we use to have. But the vegetable was special, never see it in KL before.
The pricing was like KL price, not cheap at all.

Then, I went to visit the Pasar malam since some stalls had set up when I reached there.

Tanah Rata is another town after Brinchang which you can find more variety of food here other than Steamboat like Western food, Indian food, Japanese food and Chinese food. The only Starbucks Coffee is also located at Tanah Rata.
As I was walking around and taking photos, I found a stall selling handmade pouches, pencils box and etc outside a coffee shop. It is handmade by those Orang Asli. It range around RM 8-RM18.

Dinner time! I headed to Cameron Highlands Resorts for dinner although I stay in Equatorial Hotel. Why? Because there is the only Japanese restaurant in Cameron Highlands. I can't miss the chance to try out since 3 hours journey from KL.
It is named Gonbei Japanese Restaurant which is a sister to the Japanese restaurant in Starhill. Gallery in KL. At here, they have only 2 types of set menu, Western or Japanese. Under the Japanese sets, there are Shabu-shabu, Sukiyai, Teppanyaki and Steamboat. We took 1 set of Shabu-Shabu and 1 set of Teppanyaki.

Besides the set we order, we could also enjoy the buffet style items at the counter. There are some sushi, miso soup and other cold items as starter.

There are desserts too. Strawberry all over the place, how can they not serve strawberry. :)

My Shabu-Shabu is here with seafood set! All the ingredients were very fresh.

Extra ingredients you can mix in the shabu-shabu.

Teppanyaki set- Prawns, Fish Fillet and Chicken Fillet
I love this very much. the sauce they use to grilled it taste very very nice. Must Try!

Last dessert I had before I end my day.
It costs RM110++ per person. It is a bit expensive but all the ingredients used were quite high quality where it will cost more than that in KL. You may probably think that you can eat 9 times at Brinchang's steamboat but trust me, you can't find these fresh ingredients there. I think it is worth to have a try here.

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