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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cameron Trip-Day 2

Day 2 in Cameron, I got the map from the hotel and start our journey to explore whole Cameron.
To view the map, see previous post.
1st Station, we visit the Cactus Point.
You will not only see Cactus there but also different kind of flowers sold there too.

Cactus was sold around 6 for RM10 (small).

Second Station, S'Corner Central Market
Located right at the S shape of the road when you came from Equatorial hotel.
A place for the traders to sell their good there.
Inside were divided into small stalls for them to place their goods,
you will see quite a numbers of stalls selling the same items but different brands.
Strawberry plants were gated by fence, we can only watch from far.

Colourful mushrooms which is sold for RM8.

Third Station, Time Tunnel Gallery
Entrance fee: RM5 per person
Location: Beside Kok Lim's Strawberry Farm (Road between Kea Farm and Brinchang)
It is a museum about the history of Cameron Highlands.
There placed lots of old collections we see when we were young.
Barber Shop's chair and sewing machine
Pots, Pans and Cans hang on the ceiling.
We should use back the old way to teach our kids Mathematics!
I find it quite effective than memorizing the figure.

Fourth Station, Sam Poh Temple
Location: Brinchang, after Iris Hotel, opposite the Taman Agro Tourism there is a small road leading in.
It is built in 1972 at the hill which you can see the whole Brinchang from above. The place is very beautiful, seem like just have been renovated.
I walk into the temple hall and the floor is chill and cold. So nice and refreshing place.

Fifth Station, Taman Agro Tourism
I spotted from the big Advertisement board at the road side.
We thought of having a try since we passby, regret of going there.
Why? The road towards the place was quite dangerous.
Drive 45 degree up to the hill to find parking,
Drive 45 degree down the hill to go back town.
The place was really big and nice but the road to the place...T.T
Salad vegetable!
Grape on the ceiling!

Sixth Station, Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

Seventh Station, Highlands Apiary Farm
It is more known as Bee's farm.
You will still see lots of plants along the pathway.
They have make a special wooden box with those bees inside for the tourists to see more clearer.
You will still see bee flying around the place.
We bought some honey there, 3 for RM50 (Royal Honey and Propolis).

Eighth Station, Boh Tea Plantation
The most difficult place to drive in.
One road to the place with car from both side.
The most numbers of horn we played for our entire driving experience during the drive.
I love the fresh air and wind!
Boh's Factory

Beside's there's a cafe for you to try out their tea and have some tea break there.
 With the environment and light wind blowing your face, nothing is much more perfect with a nice tea break.
Strawberry Tart-RM3.50
Look kind of hard outside, one bite make fall in love with it.
It is soft and crispy.

Butter Lemon Cake-RM3.80
Taste very nice too.

Palas Afternoon Tea-RM8.60 (2 person)
I like the taste but it was not thick enough to bring out the aroma. They should add more tea leaves in the pot.

The dog accompany us for the whole tea break. Very smart dog, they know we have the food!

We had a great day with tea as our companion for the whole journey. 
At night, we went to have Steamboat at Brinchang town. 
Charcoal Steamboat everywhere!
RM15 per person without drink.
Many waitress standing outside calling to pull customers to their shop.
Watch what you eat!
Just a reminder, if you think it is a buffet style steamboat, you are wrong!
they serve you the ingredients, you don't have the choice to choose.
You can only choose the soup base.
All ingredients will placed on the table. Any extra will be charge for RM5 per plate.
Kind of cheating people when they said all you can eat!
I rather eat from Hotel buffet's steamboat which costs only RM49++.

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