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Friday, March 09, 2012

Charles & Keith Warehouse Sales is here!

Charles & Keith warehouse sale is here from 8-11 March 2012, 4 days! Oh yes, how can I miss the sales. I didn't went to the 1st day and heard a lot of rumours saying how bad is it. I was worry at 1st whether to go or not to go. But I like Charles & Keith shoes, I should not miss even it is really bad sales. So I decided to have it a try even I will be empty handed back, at least I wont go regret after that. And the result is I'm Glad I was there!

I went there around 10.30am and the crowd was not very much, maybe I was early but parking was a bit full outside. Don't worry about that, there is plenty of parking lots outside, just need some walking. The warehouse was located at the basement parking, very big place. Although it is a bit hot inside but the organizer did prepare a lot of big standing fans to cool the place down. At least the place was much bigger and better than the Nichii warehouse sales which is so small and stuffy inside. All the shoes was place on a long tables divided into few sections according to the price range. Price range for shoes are RM19-29, RM39-49, RM59-79 and 50% off. Belt and bags were there too but very limited and not cheap. 

The problem you will face there is the inefficient of staffs. All the sizes have to ask the staffs to assist to find the size. But the problem of arrangement make the staffs confuse on where the shoes is. So you may face problem seeing those staff walking here and there to take your size because they do not know the exact place too. Really sad case, C & K did not train their staff well to handle it. A lot of patient and waiting needed to get the right shoes. But there are a lot of shoes that have been tag into a pair for you to grab, I think they see people frustrated in waiting and some staffs immediately tag up some shoes and throw to the table for customers to grab faster. This should be the way in warehouse. You can't served 100 of people in 1 time to find sizes and attend one by one.

I managed to grabs 6 pairs of shoes. Maybe I was too lucky, my size was either 36 or 37. The popular size in Malaysia. All the size I see at tables was my size and I quickly grab and throw into my shopping bag...haha..

Let see what I got:
 RM 49

 RM 39

 RM 39

 RM 39

 RM 39


All the shoes condition are quite good. Only some have defect, not really much. All I bought above are all brand new from the box. Total today damage is RM254 for 6 pairs of shoes! Go and grab it now before it is too late!

1 comment:

benjaminvai said...

i could never find anything for me in warehouses, hahah maybe its cause i am a guy?

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