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Monday, April 23, 2012

Umai-Ya Japanese Buffet | Uptown Damansara

Last Saturday, I was hanging out my BFF at a new place. We have been observing this place quite sometime now but have not try it out yet. So, we decided to have it try for this month outing. Here we are, Umai-Ya's Japanese Buffet that serve only at Saturday and Sunday Lunch. Reservation is a must to confirm your seat. Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant have 3 outlets in KL but only Uptown outlet serve Buffet. What is the price? It is RM58++ per person which is RM67.28 nett. I think the price is kind of reasonable compare to other Japanese Buffet nowadays. The buffet start from 11.30am-2.30pm.

The place was quite big. There are 2 floors, we were placed on the 2nd floors. My BFF reach around 11.45am while I am a bit late that day. The place was quite nice and was not packed at all. At least we can have peaceful meal.

All food and beverages are order from the menu. There are quiet a variety of Japanese food but not much compare to other Japanese Buffet in KL area.

I try my best to upload as much photos as I can in this post so can let you all know about their food there if you are planing to take a visit there. Let's look at the food! 
 Dragon Maki (3 pcs)- Ebi Tempura Roll with Eel and Avocado on top.
The eel with avocado just not very match at all, I guess it was the eel that wasn't that fresh.
Soft Shell Crab Maki (3 pcs big maki)
This was okay, not bad but I think their ala carte menu was much more better.

Sashimi-Salmon and Butter Fish
This is not bad, the salmon served quite thick.

Chawan Mushi
I like this the most. Soft and smooth steam egg, yeah!

Miso Soup with Clam
Taste not bad but when it arrived to our table, it was not hot anymore.

Edamame-Boiled green soya bean with salt

Kaki Tofu Fried- Fried Yam Tofu

Tako Su-Cucumber and Octopus Vinegared Dishes
Taste good, very fresh. Around 3 tako in 1 bowl.

Agedashi Tofu

Chicken Karaage


Tuna Salad Maki

Tofu Stick

Garlic Fried Rice

Chicken Teppan
I don't pretty much like this one because the taste is kind of weird.

Yasai Itame-Stir Fried Vegetables

Sashimi- Salmon, Butter Fish and Tuna

Spicy Nori Age Salad-Salad with Fried Seaweed and Spicy Sauce

Saba Shio Yaki-Grilled Mackerel
This taste not bad, at least I think the fish was fresh.

Yaki Tori- Grilled Chicken Skewers
This is the worst I ever had, it is not well grill and the chicken smell bad.

Ice Cream- (Chocolate, Green tea, Wasabi and Vanilla Flavour)
Look at the ice-cream, it is melted when it arrived to our table. We waited for more than 20 minutes for this and I guess the waitress just left it at the counter there. Anyway, I like green tea the most. Wasabi flavour was weird but good to try it out.

I have a problem when come to having buffet. I always do not believe that buffet is worth to eat or value for money. I always think that those restaurant would not served you the best quality of ingredient in buffet than their ala carte and this do apply in Umai-Ya buffet. From those photos you can see that the potions are quite small, it is a good way to save us from wasting and we are able to order more. But I did feel that the quality and taste wasn't that good compare to its ala carte menu I used to had during weekdays. But my BFF love this place as they still think that the price is very reasonable for Japanese Buffet.

Just another thing I do not like about is the service, the place was not packed that day but the services were so slow. I do not know whether they purposely make it slow so that we could not order that much or other else. But I do know that most of our orders did not arrive and the receipts they put on our table to take note of our orders were taken back even some of the orders were still pending. I am not quite happy with that. While waiting for our order, a waiter came by and told us that it is 2pm and we could not order anymore, we talk to him about our pending orders he just ignored us and asked us to wait. So, there is how I spend my day in Umai-Ya buffet. I think I still stick with paying more on ala- carte to enjoy my meal.

For more infomation, visit

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant
G-3A, The Place, Bandar Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/5D, Petaling Jaya, 47820, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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