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Friday, August 03, 2012

Bar B. Q Plaza | Paradigm Mall

I bought the set voucher for Bar.B.Q Plaza to try it out recently. To my surprise there was quite a number of vouchers being sold, and the waiter in Paradigm Mall greeted us to check our voucher details against their list of people who have bought the vouchers on LivingSocial. I guess their efforts to stay organized was to be commended, and we found our name on the list without any problems.

For those who don't know, Bar.B.Q Plaza is a chain restaurant from Thailand. As the name implies, you would normally barbeque the food yourself on a hot plate and eat whenever you feel like it. The concept is actually quite simple when you take a look at the pictures below:

Supreme Pork Set-RM31.90 (voucher bought at RM18)
The voucher entitles you to choose either the Beef set or the Supreme Pork set. Unable to eat beef, we chose the latter which you can see above. I would say the portion wasn't really enough, as when we grill the food they will shrink considerably.

Here you can see the food being cooked on top of the hot plate. At the sides are the "soup" which tastes really mild where you can cook your mini steamboat. You can easily control the gas stove's temperature, just be careful not to overcook your food to a crisp. After the food is ready, it is basically quite tasteless unless you dip it in the provided BBQ sauce. Honestly, I don't like it very much because all I tasted was the sauce and nothing like the food. I would strongly prefer food that has been seasoned before they were grilled.

The place was kind of packed with customers. We had to wait in a line until it was our turn. I guess the restaurant was quite popular with people nowadays.

Watermelon Squash-RM4.00

Honey Peach Lemon-RM4.90
The drinks however are quite worth it. RM 4-5 for a big cup. I love both drinks very much, highly recommended!

Soft Shell Crab-RM9.90
As we felt that the portion of the Supreme Pork set was not enough, we ordered an extra serving of soft shell crab fried with oats. It tastes really good, especially the oats which were kind of sweet. However, after a few pieces you start to feel less enthusiastic as it is quite oily.

Fried Chicken Wing Lemongrass-RM7.90
The same goes to the fried chicken wing with lemongrass. It tastes really good on the first bite, but after a while you can really get tired of it. I guess the key here is to eat in moderate amounts with a few other people.

Nevertheless, is the whole meal worth it? We bought the voucher for RM18, and adding up the side dishes, drinks, rice and taxes, we had to pay an additional RM31.90 for everything. Overall, RM50 for two persons isn't really worth it in my opinion... I don't think I will be back anytime in the near future.

Bar B. Q Plaza
Lot No. 2F-20, 2nd Floor,  
Paradigm Mall, Jalan SS7/26A,
47301 petaling Jaya, Selangor

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