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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Organic Recipe | Casa Utama

I was introduced by my friend to come over here since I like vegetarian food so much, here is one of the must visited place for vegetarian food. It is located at Casa Utama , a place that I hardly visit. The road leading to the restaurant is bit dark at night, but do look for the below sign. The shop is inside a building where you need to pay parking fee at the entrance. RM5 note must be prepared to slot into the machine and a receipt will be issued. Keep the receipt until the end of your bill and the restaurant will deduct the RM5 from your bill as a free parking for you.

After you have park your car, search for this signboard to lead you to the restaurant.

Here is the look of the restaurant. You can choose to sit outside with cold wind blowing at night or sit inside with air-con.

Tao Gan Taufu-RM11.90(small), RM14.90(big)
This bean curb is nice. The taste really hard to describe as I never come across with this kind of taste before. A bit spicy and sweet, really great combination taste. Must try!

Vegetarian Fish Roll with special sauce-RM 12.90(small), RM15.90(big)
Special Sauce for the fish roll come with a bit spicy. The fish roll they make it taste so real, I thought I was having real meat. For those who are scare of "veggie" title, I bet you might be impressed with this dish. Overall very good, a big like to it. Must try!

 Mixed Asparagus-RM11.90(small), RM14.90 (big)
I never like asparagus because of the smell, but this one impressed me. They cooked it until very crunchy but  at the same time it is well cooked. I manage to finished it until the last piece. Must try!

After you have finished your meal, they will serve you their home made dessert. It is some kind of jelly but the upper part taste pandan and the below part is make with coconut flesh. Quite nice and refreshing, not sweet at all.

From the photos above, it is a portion of two pax. All dishes are ordered in small portion. If you come with a big group of 10, I guess you might need to order more dishes as all the dishes are served in quite small portions.

Restaurant Organic Recipe
B3-07-09, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama,
PJU 6A, Petaling Jaya.

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