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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Japin Restaurant | 1st Avenue

This wasn't my 1st time to review this restaurant in Penang. The 1st time was last year about Japin Restaurant in Queensbay ( and I come back to this restaurant again but this time was in 1st Avenue, Penang. It is located at the lower ground floor of 1st Avenue. Why I choose to review again? The previous review wasn't complete as I was still new on food blogging at that time and I was thinking I should give them a new chance to try out their food again.

All order have to be written down on the paper provided which is a bit different from last time (waiter takes order).

Their menu cover still look the same. For the menu, I think they have added a few new items.

Promotion menu still on but different items and the price is higher now compare to a year ago.
We ordered all the promotion menu items since we are not so hungry at that time and just wanted to fill up the stomach before we go for movie as we know that normally promotional items come in smaller portion. All promotion menu come with a bowl of soup, a slice of watermelon and a drink (hot tea/ cold tea/ lime).
Fried Chicken Chop with Egg Set-RM13.80
Fried Chicken was wrap with egg and onion. This set taste not bad, brother loves the egg with onion inside. The fried chicken was a whole thigh chicken if not mistaken, it is much worth to go for the promotion menu where the ala carte already cost RM15.80.

Terriyaki Chicken Set-RM13.80
Grilled chicken terriyaki with some vegetables at the side. The Terriyaki sauce was a bit sweet but still acceptable when it is combine with the rice. The portion wasn't big but enough for a normal person.

Mix Meat BBQ Rice Set-RM15.80
It is a special item from the promotion menu which I couldn't find it in from the ala carte menu. It is a mix meat of pork, chicken and beef, but you can request to remove beef/ pork if you do not want it. They will replace with the other two meats. I see this set quite worth of money if you are a meat lover. The portion was quite the same as the ala carte.

The food served in this outlet I can said it is much more better compare to Queensbay's outlet. I have been to Queensbay's outlet for few times but the food the same. I guess I will come over here next time when I visit 1st Avenue again. Anyway, from the menu cover, I saw they have another outlet in Sungai Wang, KL. I probably will try it out one day.

Japin Restaurant
LG-10, 1st Avenue,
182, Jalan Magazine,
10300 Pulau Pinang.
Tel. no.: 04-2615098

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