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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe | Taman Sri Manja

I have not been to here for quite some times now. It is located at Taman Sri Manja, the only restaurant served western food with pork in their menu here. If you are a pork lover, come over and try. I guarantee you will love here with reasonable price too. The only problem to this place is the parking, very hard to find parking because most of the time are full parked and even double parking. They do have basement parking but no one dare to park there.

Simple and cozy place.

The menu is quite simple. The waitress are two Indonesian girls which are very friendly. Most of the time, I found it quite empty even during the lunch time. I guess of the location and limited parking, people just think twice to come over here.

Let see what I have ordered:
Watermelon Juice-RM3.90
The potion was quite big with the price, worth it!

Ice Lemon Tea-RM3.00

Roast Pork Belly-RM14.90
I love this a lot. The roast pork belly was so crispy and delicious. The sauce make the whole pork belly much more prefect. The pork belly also came with some baked potatoes that is hide below the pork belly. The one that attracted me was the green sauce at the top side which taste like the Nestle's Tropicana Ice-cream except it is not cold. You should try it!

Fish and Chip Tartar Sauce-RM8.90
The fish and chip taste normal, quite nice too but the fish was a bit soft, the batter was crispy. I will still think the grilled fish is much more better.

Tomato Soup-RM3.40
Very thick tomato soup, fresh tomato was used, the taste of tomato is much more stronger than the tomato sauce I had there. :)  I love the taste. 

Garlic Bread-RM 2.00

Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
10, Sri Manja Square One
Taman Sri Manja, 
Jalan Klang Lama, 46000 PJ.
Tel: 016-224 1533 (Yap), 013-263 2772 (Gilbert)
Business hours: 12 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm

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