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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Portugese Grill | Mid Valley Food Court

This is the new Oasis Foodcourt in Midvalley that used to be in the centre court but now they have relocated near the IT place. I know it have move around 1 year now but I have been to the new food court yet ever since it move.More importantly the stall that I used to order my lunch still there.

The Portugese Grill is the one I mentioned. They offered a wide variety of grills fish and seafood. Once you step into the food court, you could see a long queue waiting in front of the stall. yes, that is it! Very easily to spot because it will always has long queue.

All the ingredients are wrap with a aluminum foil and cooked on top of a big grill oven plate. Once it is cook, the staff will use a knife to cut off the aluminum foil and it is served.

Let see what I have ordered: 
 Ikan Bawal (Black Pomfret)-RM6.90
The fish was fresh, I love the sambal sauce the most, spicy and punching come with some vegetables. If you can not take spicy food, must think twice because it is super duper spicy. My friend end up ordered 2 extra beverages to finish off his meal.

 Ikan Pari and Sotong (Stingray and Squid)-RM8.90
Both of us love this the most, the stingray goes with the sambal sauce very well. Although it is still very spicy but we do manage to finish it off with all the sweat coming out from everywhere. The main thing that make this portugese grill taste so good because it is fresh and strong taste of the sambal, spicy, sour and sweet.

If you like to have more vegetables, you could also order extra vegetables like Kang-Kung, Paku-pakis and etc. Unfortunately, the vegetables still cook using the same sambal sauce. So you will have additional spicy to your whole meal.

The price is very reasonable. Around RM7 I could get a meal for dinner in Midvalley, I think it is quite cheap. I will always come back for more as long as it is still there. ;)

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