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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Partymoomoo's Candilicious Balloon Twisting Worshop

I have always admire at those clowns twisting balloons for the kids, make me want to have one too. But now I am not because I have attended the Balloon Twisting Workshop, I can make one for myself now. Thanks to Tammy for organising such wonderfully and fun workshop! Everyone went back with lots of balloons on the hand and a broad smile. 
What we need is a pump and colourful balloons. Our first step was to try to pump the air into the long ballons.  *pump!pump!*

Not to forget a group photo for our 1st time twisting for the 1st design-A sword. Everyone starting to feel so excited with the pump, twist, make balls and burst! Bursting was the scariest part but they make it like a happy moment that everyone have to clap when balloons burst!

My first sword balloon.

Second design is a poodle. Pinky poodle with a big eyes.

Third design is a flower. This is the hardest one I have make so far. The twisting already quite complicated, plus using all of the energy to push, really exhausted. I have biceps now.*wink*

This is my favourite one-Lollipop. My delicious and most successful lollippop. *Yummy*

Last design of the day-Gold Fish! The big head fish, I purposely pump it so big that I couldn't even tie it properly. So excited with the pumping process. :D

I bought some pumps and balloons after the class for me to play at home. I guess everyone have so much fun yesterday because I have. I never play so many balloons in my life before. Great experience!

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