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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goodbye, my friend...

Shocking news for me this afternoon, when I know I couldn't have the chance to talk to you again.
My friend, the one that always open up to me.
We chat for hours about the past, the present and the future.
We gossip about girls, food and news
I still remember the first day we met,
we are only 9 years old, running here and there.
I still remember the days your arms got hurt, you were told to give up on school band.
But then, your effort has gained you another new path.
I still remember the days we trained together to join a competition, trained from days to nights, from weekdays to weekends, from training room to train station.
15 years of friendship, I will not forget as you will always in my heart.
Goodbye, my friend. 
The first and also the last for me to say goodbye to you forever.

I still remember the days we sang and play Westlife's songs.
I never thought I have to play this song for you.
Here is for you, my friend.
Goodbye to you my trusted friend.

I will promise you to be strong and try not to cry on your... Your worst fear is to see girl's crying. I'll try my best, I promise.

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