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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Froggy Milk Tea Cafe 青蛙王子热狗奶茶专卖店| Petaling Street

I went to Petaling Street the other day to look for some wholesale beads and came across this cute little cafe. It is located opposite of ATC college, just a few shops away from the Old China Cafe. The cafe was named as Froggy Milk Tea Cafe with a big frog as the logo and whole place is painted with green. It is hard for you not to notice the striking colour of the cafe.

This is a new cafe which is just started their business few months ago and I got info from the owner that they recently just started to sell food instead of beverages only, but the variety of food are quite limited for the time being.

Here is the menu of their beverages: All ranges of milk tea, tea, coffee and fruit tea are sold here.

Froggy Milk Tea-RM4.90
BF ordered their signature milk tea recommend by the owner. It taste not bad, better than those ordinary milk tea. The potion of milk and tea are combined in a right ratio that makes the milk tea taste thick and fluffy. Must Try!

Froggy Black Tea-RM4.90
I ordered their Black Tea since I am looking for refreshing beverage. Their Black Tea taste much or less the same as any other milk tea shops. Nothing to shout about.

Nuggets-RM 6
We were planing to order their fried dumplings, unfortunately they are not selling it on that day. Instead, we ordered nuggets as snack. Normal frozen nuggets that can be bought from supermarket. 

Hot and Spicy Szechuan Noodle (Dry)-RM 6
This is their signature dish that I would highly recommend. The owner recommended us to try their hot and spicy szechuan noodle and BF ordered the dry type. The noodle texture taste like the wan tan mee noodle but a bit thicker. The hot and spicy sauce taste so nice with minced meat on top, splendid combination! Be caution, the noodle taste quite spicy, I would rate it 6/10. But if you like more spicy you could request them to add more chilli oil on the noodles. Must Try!

 Hometown Fried Rice with White Bait-RM 6
I like the fragrant of the fried rice because of the fried white bait on top. Although, it is not much but a little makes all the different. If you are looking for rice instead of noodles, you can try this.

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