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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Johor Trip Day 1 | Johor Premium Outlet

During the Matta Fair in September of 2012, we have booked a package to Johor Legoland inclusive of hotel lodging for our December trip. We went one week before Christmas to avoid the Christmas crowd. On the way to Johor city, we made sure to stop by Johor Premium Outlet for some shopping. As many of you may know, Johor Premim Outlet is the first premium outlet in Malaysia and I am sure many of you have visited the place on its opening day; and I am only here now, kinda outdated. Anyway, I was told by my bf that the concept and design is about the same as the Premium Outlets in U.S. except that this is much more smaller. Let us see how small it is then. 

How to go from Kuala Lumpur:
Kuala Lumpur → Lebuhraya Utara Selatan → Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapura → Exit 253 → Exit 304 → Exit 302A → Johor Premium Outlets

GPS 1°36'11"N , 103°37'17"E

Here is the directory, you can view from here too. There are 80 outlet stores here in this 2 storey building.

I had a look in most of the stores available there. All items sold there are mostly outdated items around 3-4 seasons ago. The price wasn't attractive as I thought especially for KL people. I guess too many warehouse sales in KL spoil the fun shopping here, I can find much more newer and cheaper items there rather than in JPO.

The Coach Outlet is the only store that you might need to be queue to go in. If you are aiming for coach, I guess you can get good deal here. Most of the prices are slashed around 40%-50%.

Nike store have nothing to shout about, the prices are still the same as normal price. I rather wait for Nike or Al-Ikhsan warehouse sales in KL. I see most people come out from the Nike store with an empty hand. Then, I went to visit the Timberland Outlet, the price was quite reasonable; however, one day before the trip we went to Timberland warehouse sale in TTDI, we got a much better price on the exact same items. :P
If you are planing to shop for higher brand like Fossil, Timberland, Coach, Burberry, CK and others. It do offer good price. For example, I bought a fossil watch for 60% off. There are also other special discounts offer for Christmas time for some outlets. 

Actually, my main purpose here is not on the shopping but on the FOOD! Yes, food always follow where ever I go. I heard that there is a good restaurant in JPO called the George and Dragon Cafe located at ground floor beside coffee bean, very near to Padini store.
"George & Dragon Café is a touch of England reflecting a time gone past. It is unique in Johor for its food, wine and old world ambience. First Established in 2002 in Taman Tasek, Johor Bahru, George & Dragon Café has now extended its business with the opening of a second branch in Johor Premium Outlets, Kulaijaya. George & Dragon Café offers simple yet tasty dishes in an old world ambience. It is the culmination of simple creative ideas, founded in design, historical value and a passion for food and wine."

Menu for JPO outlet, you can click here for the full menu.

The whole place is decorated like the medieval ages, very cosy and warm atmosphere... almost to the extent of "romantic" I would say. I guess in JPO, this restaurant is one of the few places you might be interested in taking some pictures. All other places are just stores for you to shop.

Special dish of the week
While waiting for our food, bf was playing with his camera to capture the effects of candle light blasting. :)

Chicken & Mushroom Pizza-RM 28
This is one of their signature dishes, you can actually see the big photo outside their wall for their advertisement, so you won't miss it. It is a oven-baked 10" thin crust pizza with tomato and cheese, topped with freshly grilled chicken. mushroom and capsicum. Although the ingredients of meat and mushroom weren't much but the tomato sauce made the whole pizza so delicious, and best was the thin crust base that tastes like nacho snacks. Thumbs up!

Pan Seared Fish with Orange Butter Sauce- RM26
A pan seared fish fillet and dressed with Orange Butter Sauce, served with fresh vegetables and potatoes wedges. One word to describe this dish: Marvellous!  I love how they pan sear the fish and still retained the freshness of the fish. Orange butter sauce cooked together with the fish just makes you unable to resist this temptation. I never thought orange could make a savoury dish that delicious. The portion wasn't that big but good food always come in small amounts. Thumbs up!

You will never regret for trying it out here. I will sure come back again!
A big Santa Claus near the entrance to welcome you!

During Matta fair, we booked the package directly from Hotel Sentral Johor, just a normal 3-star hotel. So, you can't expect a 5-star service there. Have a look at the room and toilet, overall is clean. But I would recommend to stay in other hotels if it is possible as you really would not like the way they handle things, not friendly at all, especially the reception and the cafe. I'll explain later.

We got our Legoland passes from the hotel which are included in the package. This made our trip much more easier as we do not need to queue up to buy tickets.

At night, we went to their famous local food court for dinner. I read that there is a must visit stall within the food court: Ikan Bakar! I wasn't a fan of ikan bakar but since it is famous I shouldn't miss this out.

This is the stall named Ikan Bakar Sin Kee, located around the end of the food court. I noticed that most of the tables ordered at least one plate of Ikan Bakar. So, can you miss it?

We placed the order from the stall and we were given a number to wait for our dish. Bear in mind, you may need to wait a little longer for the food to be served since there will be quite a queue. We waited for more than 30 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can order other smaller appetizers to fill up your stomach while waiting.

Ikan Bakar
The stingray is fresh and juicy, the grilling method did not take away its juicy part. The best is the spicy sauce grilled together, not very spicy (mild), just nice for us to eat with the rice.

Grilled vegetables
Again they use the same spicy sauce to cook with the vegetables. Nice!
I can assure you will never regret for ordering this. Total we paid for RM25 only including 2 bowl of rice.

Besides, we did also try out their famous pork satay there. Big juicy chunky pork meat satay, nice! If I am not mistaken it is RM 0.60 per piece.

Another must try food is the Ayam Bakar Hong Kee. The owner is very friendly when taking our order. It cost RM1.60 per piece. By the way, they only sell chicken wings, but for these juicy chicken wings, it doesn't matter!

Tauhu Bakar-RM 2.50 (per piece) Photo above is 2 pieces.
I accidentally saw this stall in front of our table while still waiting for our Ikan Bakar, we ordered their Tauhu Bakar. I can't believe I can still taste so delicious tauhu bakar. I never found a good one in KL nor Penang and I have almost given up on it. The fried Tauhu is so crispy and even with the rojak sauce on, it didn't turn soggy. I love it!

This place is definitely a place I would recommend to all if you come over to Johor. I guess the locals are probably the ones who know the place since I saw most of the parking are occupied by cars with Johor car plates. The location is quite near to KSL city mall, if I'm not mistaken it is just behind of it.

Cedar Point Food Court
Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, 80250 JB
GPS: 1.481492,103.762167
Operation Hours: 6pm-midnight

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Yuh Jiun said...

I've never been to Johor before!!! And so nice of you get to go Legoland :(

Su Fen said...

Thanks for comment. Legoland post will be up soon. Stay tuned!

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