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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Western Food @ Kota Selera Food Court, Penang

I used to come over here when I was working in Penang. I still come over here now whenever I have the chance. The food court is just beside Fort Conwallis, very easily to be spotted. There are two stalls that you must try out which are the Mee Sotong (Indian Mee) and the Chinese's Western Food.
Coconut Milkshake-RM 2.80
The famous drink here, it is very special. They mix the coconut drink with ice-cream, cooling drink for a hot day.

The next one I like to introduce you is this Western Food. They serve not only Western Food but also other Chinese local food like fried rice, fried hokkien mee and etc. I love the most is their Fish n Chips with their own tartar sauce.
As you can see, the stall is hardly noticeable and it would seem like the food doesn't taste nice. But trust me, most of the people order from this stall only!

Fish n Chips-RM 7.50
The deep fried fish fillet taste very good, crunchy and juicy. The Fish n Chips come with fries, baked beans and vegetables, very simple yet delicious.With their own tartar sauce on top, you just cant resist and always come back for more. Furthermore, the uncle always give me extra tartar sauce as you can see in the picture; one full bowl of it! You wouldn't normally request for extra sauce when you come here.

Chicken Chop-RM 7.50
I've eaten many, many chicken chops in my life but I would say this one is ranking quite high among them. The chicken is fried, but is not oily. The brown sauce is added with tomatoes which adds some zing to the dish. By the time I finish this, I was wondering whether I should order one more plate... :)

Besides the western food, there is the Mee Sotong that I did not manage to order it because there were too many people on that day. I will try my luck next time and hopefully I will be able to upload it again. Overall, I love their food although it is just inside an old Food Court.

Kota Selera Food Court (beside Fort Cornwallis)
Paadang Kota Lama
10200 Penang
Business Hour: Late morning till early evening, closed on Sunday

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