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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Johor Trip Day 3 | Muar

When you visit a new place, I'm willing to bet that you have at some point asked this question: "What's good to eat in this area?" So we did when we visited Muar and after some searching we found that many people do recommend this particular restaurant in Muar city, to eat the famous Muar assam fish that everyone's talking about.
As a person from KL who had no prior knowledge of Muar's roads, I would say that it was sure a hard time for us to find this road as the road does not exist in our GPS (maybe it's time to get a new one =D ). It turns out that it is actually quite easy to find this place if you turn in from the main road Jalan Bentayan; you can search the exact coordinates N02°02.788' E102°34.729' in google maps.

The restaurant's operating hours are from Monday to Sunday 11.00am - 9.00pm; they are closed on Thursdays except if that particular Thursday is a holiday.

These pictures really do not do them justice, but their interior is really not that bad; it's just a basic homely restaurant. My photographer probably wasn't in a mood for pictures after a hefty attempt to find the place. Before you can be seated, we were asked to go into their kitchen to choose on the seafood as well as dishes we would like to order. All seafood will be charge according to the weight.

Assam Fish-RM15.20
The popular dish here. It is really sour and spicy, perfect for those who love the two combinations. BF really liked this as he finished all the soup. However, truth to be told, although this do not taste bad, I do not find it to be extraordinary enough for you to travel all the way from KL to Muar just to get a taste of it. However, soon after the trip my friend recommended us a assam fish around 20 minutes drive away from Muar city. Maybe we'll come back again in the future to try that restaurant out.

Garlic Stir Fried Vegetables - RM 5

Fried Sotong - RM 10
We also ordered some fried sotong. Crispy, but slightly hard, the portion is big enough for three persons. Again, I don't think this dish is something to shout about. Nevertheless they have many other choices of seafood to try. As we were only 2 persons the choices we have are quite limited. 

Merlin Restaurant
90, Lorong Dua,
Taman Orkid,
84000 Muar, Johor
Tel : 06-9526971

In case if you decided to stop by in Muar, you could also consider to buy some famous otak-otak here. It is really close to Restaurant Merlin, also at Jalan Bentayan.
The name of the shop is A-class Otak-Otak Products, a corner lot near to the round about at Jalan Bentayan. You won't miss the big red signboard you can see from far away.
The place is very clean, and they have an assortment of products for you to choose. I would say that their otak-otak tastes quite good, but the price is slightly expensive that is on par with KL's prices. You can taste the chunks of fish meat in the otak-otak, but personally I can't tell the difference between prawn, fish, crab or the higher grade fish otak-otak. So whichever choices you make I would say it is quite safe.

They'll ask you whether are you taking it back to KL, and they'll wrap it up nicely for you to retain the temperature of the products. Again, I wouldn't advice you to leave it in your car under the baking sun for too long in case if you stop by for a break along the highway.

A Class Otak-Otak Products
No.55-17, Jalan Bentayan,
84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Phone & Fax: 06-9545517

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