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Monday, October 14, 2013

China Trip- Day 5: Shanghai

After 4 days travelling in Hangzhou and Suzhou, we are back to the last stop-Shanghai. If you are in Shanghai, no worries on transportation, all tourist attractions can be reached using their metro system. There are a total 11 subway lines which cover mostly the whole Shanghai.

We stayed in Manhattan Business Hotel at Dianchi Road which is around  RMB 398 per room/night (includes breakfast). I found this place through some good comments from the travel websites. However, I personally do not recommend this place if you are planning for a long stay. The room is super small, no adequate space to walk or even to put your bags and the toilet is just beside your bed, hygiene wise its a no no. Another reason why we chose here is because it is within walking distance to the bund.

We took 5 minutes walk to the nearest train station, took Line 2 to LuJiaZui Station to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower. On the way to the Pearl tower, we had lunch in the nearby Chinese fast food restaurant. The restaurant is called 东方既白, It is also another sister outlet to KFC.

MaPo Tauhu Rice Set -RMB 15
The set came with a soup and vegetables. BF ordered this since he like Tauhu so much, but I guess ordering this in China was just another nightmare; it just doesn't taste like the Mapo Tauhu that we are used to in Malaysia. However, what I like about Chinese Fast Food Restaurants is that soup will always be served in a set meal! 

Curry Pork Chop Rice Set-RMB 21
Since this outlet is owned by KFC, I assumed that the taste should be the same. However, the curry taste so so, I still prefer the KFC curry pork rice set. That was the best curry pork chop rice I ever had in China.

Oriental Pearl Tower
China's second tallest TV and Radio tower with a height of 468 meters, a unique architectural design with 3 large spheres. The area for tourists to visit is the spheres, but each sphere have different entry prices, naturally with the taller sphere being more expensive. We chose to visit all three spheres, entry ticket is RMB 220 each person which is quite expensive. 

The first sphere we visited was actually the second sphere at the middle. Basically this is a place where you have a 360-degree view of Shanghai and you can take lots of pictures. Besides that, they also have a souvenir shop where they sell the usual tourist-ty items you can find. We came here at around evening time when the sun was beginning to set, that's why there was a lot of glare on the glass which makes it hard to take some beautiful scenery pictures. Maybe it would be best to come back at night time with a trusty tripod to take some great night time cityscapes.

Then we took the elevator to the top sphere which is basically a small dome with small and very dirty windows. We were hardly able to take any pictures that is deemed acceptable over here, so we didn't stay for long and just went back down to the middle sphere.

This was when we went downstairs to the observation platform, where there is a walking path which is made of transparent glass. This lets you see the view of Shanghai from the top. It was outright scary on the first approach, as if you are going to fall from the sky.

I am standing in the sky!

The wind was strong that day, but he just loves the view!

Second stop, we went to visit Shanghai's Madame Tussauds. I never been to Madame Tussauds before even the one in Hong Kong which is quite famous, so I just couldn't miss the chance again. Just take the subway line 1,2 or 8 and get off at People's Square. Leave from exit 7 and go inside the New World Building which you can take the lift up to 10th floor. We purchased the package for two adults together with a booklet, costs RMB 305 each person. There are 10 sections: Glamour, Behind the Scenes, Science Heroes, World Leaders, Music, Movies, Leon Lai as Mei Lanfang, Sports, Pepsi Studio and the Love Room.

Although the place is small, we had fun seeing all of our idols there and we couldn't stop taking pictures with them. I mean, how often can you see them "face to face"? :)

At night, we went to The Bund to take some great night views of the city. I can't believe the night view could be so beautiful. This is what I call, Life in the City.

We saw Malaysia's travel advertisement here too. 

That wraps up the end of the first day in Shanghai City. We had a nice and relaxed stroll along the Bund late into the night, lucky thing was that our hotel was within walking distance. Just be sure to bring some jackets / cardigans to keep warm as it was really windy and chilling during the night!

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