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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Da On Fine Korean Cuisine | Pavillion

It was the month again to celebrate my birthday and this year I requested for something different compare to my usual birthday place. I found this place through comments from tripadvisor. It seem like it have quite good comments on it. I love Korean food, so why don't have a try on it.

Let's follow me and discover it now!

Da On Fine Korean Cuisine 
“May all good things and fortune come your way.”

It is located at the top floor of Pavillion, in the centre court. Da On features modern and elegant ambience and give you a relax way of your dining experience.

Selection of food in the menu is limited, you can either choose beef, chicken or seafood for BBQ. They do not serve pork but offers alcohol on its menu and uses Halal ingredients.
We were served with 6 different variety of side dishes which is called Ban chan.

For BBQ dishes, you may choose to have it cook outside or inside (in front of you). We choose to cook it inside because we like the experience of seeing our food cook. However, we were surprised that there isn't any grill exhaust pipes installed in the restaurant. We were worry at first about the BBQ smoke but noticed that no smell of smoke at all since we sat in.
Dak Galbi- RM 60
Charbroiled Marinated Chicken

Well cooked by the waiter using charcoal. Surprisingly there wasn't any strong smoke and smell of BBQ. The marinated chicken was good, the meat was tender and well marinated. I like when it is wrapped with lettuce. However, the lettuces served was not fresh enough, the leaves was soggy with dark spot around. 

Ojingeo Gui-RM 65
Charboiled Marinated Spicy Cuttlefish

We decided to ordered the cuttlefish which seem to be quite nice from the presentation. The spicy sauce they used was indeed delicious. However, the cuttlefish did not able to adsorb the marinated sauce well, leaving it bland.

Doenjang Jjigae-RM 30
Home made Soya Bean Paste Soup with Rice
In addition, we ordered my all time favourite bean paste soup. The soup was a bit spicy but overall was pretty ok. I still love the one in Ampang. The portion served was small but still reasonable with that kind of price.

Testing out my new Sony RX100M II camera for this review, the end result is good. The best digital camera I ever used so far, the quality of photos taken are nearly as good as a DSLR. All the above photos are non edited except adding of caption. See the next post soon about the camera!

Da On Fine Korean Cuisine
Address: 6.40.00, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2141 2100
Operating Hour: 11am-11pm


Choi Yen said...

I found that the meats were not much different with the usual Korean BBQ restaurants but the prices are double up >.<

Su Fen said...

Choi Yen, I agreed with you, the price is indeed a bit higher than other Korean restaurant.

Due to the location, you don't have a choice not to mark up.

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