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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pig Out Cafe | Parklane, Kelana Jaya

I got to know this place weeks ago, and decided to try it out and have a catchup with my old friend. We both love pork so we decided to have a try as we hardly visit any new place for the past months. The cafe is located at Parklane, Kelana Jaya, shop lots area which is quite empty and quiet at night. Parking is plenty where it is the only few shops open at night.

Let's see what they have in the cafe!

Decoration on the counter, simple and neat.

It is a two page, front and back menu, simple and easy.

POC Meatball-RM 12
We ordered the meatball thinking that it will be nice. To our surprise, we were served with 6 small little meatball with the size of 1.5cm. With the price of RM12, I am not expecting to receive this small meatballs, I rather they serve 4 big meatballs around the size of 3cm. I cant taste anything from the meatball except the strong tomato paste.

POC Roast- RM 18
Their signature dish in the cafe- their roast pork. All of us decided to get out from our busy schedule to meet here on the Saturday night because of this. However, it give us great disappointment. We were served with 4 slides of roast pork with 2 small cut of carrot, 2 small cut of potatoes and a bit of smashed potatoes. Everything is countable. I understand roast pork is expensive nowadays, we don't mind on the small serving of the roast pork. But the roast pork that was served to us is over-burned, hard and  3/4 of flesh is oil, we eat nothing but pork oil. Maybe we arrived late and nothing left any more, I rather they said it is sold out and I will come back again.

Caramelised Pork Belly- RM 18
The pork belly taste not bad, but again it is over-burned. It is still one of the better one among all the dishes we ordered.

Lamb Chop- RM 18
No doubt the portion of lamb chop is the biggest of all the dishes we have ordered. The taste is nice however half of the portion is the soft bones. Everyone complaining the same thing after eating it, tiring jaw!

Roast Pork Burger- RM 16
I ordered the roast pork burger thinking of giving them second chance on the roast pork, however the result is still the same. The fries was over-fried, hard and a bit of burning taste. The whole dish taste so oily, no balance meal here, even with the present of vegetbles (they cooked with oil again).

I am not sure what happen to the chef that day, it seem like every dishes we ordered, either it is over-burned or it is over-cooked. Searching back the photos from the blogs posted on Pork Out Cafe, I do not see cases like mine. I guess the chef in bad mood when we arrived. If they continue to serve people that kind of standard, soon or later they will just chase away all their customers.

Pig Out Cafe
Address: A-G-3, Park Lane Commercial Centre, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya 47301
Phone: 016-232 9248
Operating Hour: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm (Closed on Wednesday)


Choi Yen said...

I'll return the food to them if they serve me such burnt food, you are so kind :P

Rae said...

That looks bad

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