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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tambun Lost World Team Building | Ipoh

Two weeks ago, I had a 3 days 2 nights team building event in Lost World of Tambun. It is a series of specially arranged activities for companies who like to organise team buildings. For more information, visit their website here. The whole package of the team building includes accommodation, 3 activities and 4 meals per day.

Here is our 3 days 2 nights itinerary:
Day 1: Lunch- 6th Mile Tunnel- Tea Break- Free & Easy-Dinner- Hot Spring & Spa
Day 2: Breakfast- Zip Line- Triple X Challenge- Tea Break- Waterpark-Dinner- Hot Sprin & Spa
Day 3: Breakfast- Meeting - Lunch

As I understand, there are 6 activities to chose from and our management picked 6th Mile Tunnel, Zip Line & Triple X Challenge. If you want more activities in the package, it will incur extra charges for each activity.

Entrance to the Lost World Theme Park

Entrance to the Team Building Area

Our meet up point for each activity

Our coach giving briefing to us on the activity

Making ourselves comfortable to the water before we start the activity. Most of the activities do require us to be in the water and we were provided with life jackets (able to help you float for 2 hours). So, do not worry if you can't swim, you are still able to float in the water.

Via Feratta with Abseil activity, we didn't participate in this. It is a rock climbing activity.

My first time playing Zip Line. also known as flying fox.

Team photo after 6th Mile Tunnel activity
6th Mile Tunnel is a journey where we go through a cave that is filled with water which can go as high up to your chin. We spent approximately 2 hours to finish the whole journey by walking 8km in the cave. 
Few things to take note here: 
1. It is advisable to wear water resistant shoes such as "crocs", make sure that they fully cover your whole feet.
2.You are not allowed to wear slippers as there are many rocks with sharp edges below where you may get injured. 
3.You may wear sport shoes but be prepared that your lovely sport shoes might be torn after the journey.

Small tea house built inside the cave

 Lost World Petting Zoo
Other than just a water park, the theme park also come with other activities like amusement park, petting zoo, tiger valley, tin valley & hot spring. 

Bird Paradise
An open concept bird cage where you will be surrounded by more than 18 species of birds. You even get a chance to touch them!

As for accommodation, we stayed at Lost World Hotel- the only hotel in Lost World of Tambun. I was given Classical Room. It is a basic room with no refrigerator, floor is tiled but wasn't clean as there are mud stains all over the place. It seems like they can't put carpets as people will be wet when they come back to the room.  
My room is on the 3rd floor, facing directly to the entrance of the theme park, I was told higher floors have better views.

A simple cupboard with a safety box, TV and kettle. I used it to store my phones & purse since we are unable to bring them during our activities.

Toilet with basic toiletries

Night view of the entrance

The admission fee for theme park is RM50 (adult) and RM43 (children). Theme Park is closed at 6pm, however there is a hot spring area that is open at night.

A street near to the hot spring that sells Ipoh's local food. We tried some of the food like curry mee and tau fu fa, tastes not bad with reasonable pricing between RM 3-6. 

 Flaming Percussion Show at Hot Spring & Spa. It start from 8.30pm.

 People singing & dancing at the rooftop while 3 men below performing the fire show.

The Hot Spring & Spa is a night event that requires additional entrance fees. It costs RM20 per person and starts from 6pm-11pm. For two nights consecutively in the hot spring, the crowd was crazy, never thought that Ipoh people would like to visit the hot spring during night-time.

 Hot Spring

Lost World of Tambun is basically a nice place for families with children, a short getaway for the parent & kids to enjoy. Overall, I quite like the team building games, it was able to build our team work, and also increase our courage while reducing our fears when encountering new tasks. I would recommend it for those who like to have company's team building. 

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