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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Event: Ogilvy's Bloggers Appreciation Day 2014

I was invited to Bloggers Appreciation Day organised by Social@Ogilvy team last Friday. I met some new friends and it was fun once a while to meet up with bloggers where we actually see each other in person on that day. Let's check out the night there.

This is place where they organised the event. Lots of balloons decorated around the place. They even have the big "OGILVY' alphabet balloons there in gold.

Photo booth nowadays just can't be miss for fun time. They actually set up a photo booth at the entrance. Everyone was crazy taking photos in group and of they own. We were given a free mug too on the spot with our photo when we post our photo in FB, Instagram or Twitter. 

Otterbox phone casing was the highlight of the day. They were so generous to give away Otterbox as one of the prizes.

The team members of Social@Ogilvy

Head of Social@Ogilvy explaining to us their activities in the year 2014 with bloggers.

It was raining heavily that day where many were caught in the jam. So we started with dinner first before any activities since everyone was hungry. We have to fill up our stomach for more energy and strength to play!

One of the games- Complete 3 mission cards to get yourself some prizes. All mission cards are hanged on their look-alike wishing tree.

Got myself 2 mission card only. 

Here is what inside the goodies bag

They also set up an area for us to charge our phone just in case we ran out of battery. Since they can't find me a Iphone 5s cable, one of the team member actually introduce me to try on this Resurgence Power Case where it function as a battery case that able to delivers more than 2X your iPhone’s battery power. I love this case so much and was planning to get one after the event.

And so coincident I won one of their contest on the photo taking of Otterbox in instagram. My lucky day! And I got the pink colour exactly the same one I took photo previously from their shelf.
Photo taken by event photographer

Thank you Ogilvy for the invitation. I hope to see you all soon in the future events

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