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Monday, March 30, 2015

Imperial Art Cottage | Sri Petaling

I was searching for some new vegetarian shops in Sri Petaling recently and found this shop while surfing through the net for good food recommendation. This shop is located quite near to Sri Petaling Hotel. This vegetarian shop was reviewed to serve Japanese vegetarian food. As a Japanese food fan, I knew instantly I must visit this place. Curious of how they will serve sashimi and sushi, let's check it out!

I ordered Boh Green Tea to go with my meal. I need a light beverage to taste the dishes.

Spring Rolls (5 pcs)- RM 4.90
The deep fried spring rolls taste nice, crunchy and not oily. Overall is nice and the price is reasonable too!

Summer Roll- RM 8.90
Since a lot of good comments on their sushi, I ordered the summer roll that sound so happy and bright. The summer roll taste really delicious, it doesn't give you an impression of eating the same old taste of  vegetarian food. Their sushi rice is as good as those serving in the Japanese restaurant.

Sashimi Mix- RM 17.90
This is the dish that excites both of us the most. We can imagine using vegetarian to create sushi or temaki but to create sashimi, it really trigger our curiosity. We ordered one of their most expensive dish in their shop. We wondered how will it looks like as it doesn't show any photo in the menu. Here it is and it looks exactly the same as the real sashimi! Bravo! Texture is chewy, taste light and cold except without the fishy smell. It is created using mushroom I believe. I think it is a good try especially for those who can't stand the taste and texture of Sashimi, you should try this out.

Sweet & Sour Rice- RM 6.90
When it comes to vegetarian, I will always match it with Chinese food. However, the Chinese food here doesn't taste as good as their Japanese dishes. I guess for safe side, order only the Japanese dishes.

Mapo Beancurb Rice- RM 6.90
The Mapo beancurb doesn't taste like the mapo tauhu at all. It taste quite similar to the sweet & sour rice above with more spicy and sour. I think the taste of their Chinese food need to be improved. Just go for their Japanese food!

Imperial Art Cottage
No 27, Jalan Radin Anum 2
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: Tue – Sun: 11am – 9pm (close on Monday)
03-9059 2843

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