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Saturday, April 18, 2015

D'Cuisine | Plaza 33,PJ

If you have been to Plaza 33 at Jalan Semangat (beside Jaya 33), you will probably known to Kampachi and Coliseum. Recently, I visited a restaurant just beside Coliseum which I find it quite interesting, it is called D'Cuisine. 

This is how the inside setting looks like. I actually quite like the concept, comfort dining especially a place for small chit-chat and gathering with friends.

D'Cuisine is a fusion restaurant and recently revamped their menu to Peranakan and Chinese Fusion cuisines. All the food served are pork free, however they do serve alcoholic beverages in the restaurant which makes it non-Halal.

Let's see what they have!

Apple and Orange Juice- RM 9
Freshly squeezed pure apple and orange juice. However the mixture green apple and orange were a bit too sour, probably it will be better if they can add a red apple to bring out the sweetness.

Blackout- RM 13
This was recommended by the waitress. It is blackcurrant and yogurt ice blended. You will love it if you are a blackcurrant fan. There also have a range of mocktail and cocktail to be served, since it is lunch time, we still prefer juices to go with our meal.

Calamari with Salt & Pepper- RM 22
When ordering a deep fried calamari, I always came about the thick crunchy batter which I hate it so much. But this Deep Fried Calamari with sea salt & white pepper actually surprise us and we totally in love with it. Just a light batter on the calamari which you won't feel any crunchiness on it and still preserve the juiciness of the calamari. The wok fried oat flakes and chilli pepper cubes on top is the magic that spice up the whole dish. Definitely a must try dish!

Chicken Tom Yam-RM 28
The portion of this dish able to fit 5-6 persons. The tom yam soup comes with plenty of mushroom and chicken pieces, no stingy on their ingredients. We both love the tom yam soup, it is not super spicy, suitable to those who can't take spicy food too. With the price and portion, I would said it is quite reasonable. Must Try!

Yong Tow Foo Casserole Set-RM 28.80
Their Hakka Yong Tow Foo set comes with cold side dishes, rice and a soup. It looks like an ordinary dish to us but their handmade fish paste that they used actually wow us. The fish paste doesn't have the fishy smell and the texture was nice.

Baked Banana Filo with Butter Caramel & Vanila Ice-creamarfait-RM 16
Another great dessert that I highly recommend. It is fresh bananas wrapped in filo pastry, baked & topped with screw-pine infused butter caramel sauce, and served with homemade vanilla bean ice-cream. Although the banana is a bit soft after cooked, it still taste great with the filo pastry wrap. The Vanilla Ice-cream actually toned down the sweetness of the caramel which make the overall pretty good. He just can't have enough with it! Must Try!

4 new dishes recommended by the chef that you can try out as well.

D'Cuisine, Plaza 33
Unit PG-D & PG-E Level Podium, 
Ground Floor, The Plaza @Jaya33, 
No 1, Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7931 8985
Business Hour: 11:00am - 3:00pm, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

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