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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MilkCow Malaysia | The Gardens Mall

I wanted to try out their ice-cream for quite sometime now but always was too full after a heavy meal or was rushing back home. Finally last week night, we purposely drive all the way to The Gardens Mall to try out their ice-cream. Last year end ice-cream was the talk of the town, one is the magnum cafe (which I still have not try it out yet T.T) and this one the Korean soft serve ice-cream-Milkcow.

The line piled up after our order and it is 9pm, people are queueing for ice-cream. This is amazing!

Milkcow is located at ground floor of The Gardens Mall, opposite the cold storage entrance. They took up a small space in the middle area and throw in a few small tables and chairs for people to sit and enjoy their ice-cream.

The price has increased RM 0.50 compare to last year and price are inclusive of gst. This means that the price that shown on the board is nett price. 

Let's check out what I have ordered!

Milky Cube- RM 13.50
We ordered their signature honey comb ice-cream. I was told they are famous for the honey comb but we didn't list it to be our favourite. We love their rich texture of the ice-cream however with the honey, it was too sweet. We felt like overdose of sweetness.

Cookies & Cream -RM 11.50
We actually find this oreo cookies blend quite well with the ice-cream. The sweetness was just nice with the crunchy cookies crumb on top. I love it!

Milkcow (Opposite Cold Storage)
Gardens Mall - LG-K23,
Lower Ground Floor.

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